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Katrina Makes A Kielo Party Dress



Katrina Scott

Pattern Name and Designer: Kielo Wrap Dress and Jumpsuit by Named Patterns

Size Made: US 22

Materials: 3.5 Yards of Bianca Viscose / Linen Jacquard in the color Moss, 1 yard of Bias Tape 27mm in the color Bark

Modifications: I shortened the dress by 5 inches and shortened the sleeves to the elbow line marked on the pattern. 

I was initially interested in the Kielo Pattern because of its versatility. From fabric choice to fit, this pattern is a bit of a choose your own adventure. I wanted to make something that would be beautiful and comfortable to wear this holiday season but wouldn’t be limited to one season. 

The Kielo pattern was originally designed to be made with both knits and wovens. It has undergone several revisions over the years so the current pattern (the one I used)  is written for knits, but wovens are still a great choice. The pattern offers both a wrap dress and a jumpsuit, with options for long sleeves or sleeveless. I only had to make a few small changes to the directions to accommodate a woven. 

 The Bianca Viscose / Linen Jacquard in the color Moss was an easy choice for me. The color is beautiful and hard to pin down. Moss is an earthy sort of green brown shade that changes based on which face of the jacquard you use. I chose the ‘wrong’ side because it has more texture than the ‘right’ side. I was only able to choose which side I liked best  after washing the fabric. It really brought the texture to life. This fabric really gets the best of what linen and viscose have to offer. The viscose lends its softness, lightweight, wrinkle resistance to linen’s body, drape and textured character. I think this will be even nicer in transitional seasons. 


I chose a size 22 based on my bust measurement. I shortened the pattern by 5 inches and cut the sleeve at the elbow line. Because of the wrap style, the waist and hips are free so it's very comfortable and adjustable. Construction was quick as there were relatively few pieces and nothing fussy like gathering or pleating.Since I was working with a woven, I stay stitched the neckline and the armscye. The pattern includes a piece for a neck band but I opted for bias facing the neckline instead. The sleeve was the only tricky part because I chose a woven versus a knit. I had to carefully pin and ease the sleeve head in. My advice if you go with a woven fabric is to just go slowly and use lots of pins. After the sleeve is set you sew the side seams, add the hem, and you're done. Honestly, I think flipping and pressing the ties took the longest!  I opted for a wider than usual hem because it was still longer than I wanted.

I really love the way this turned out. It’s cute and comfy and has lots of styling options. Although the dress won't get to see any holiday parties this year I can see myself wearing it for years to come. Maybe a birthday party in the spring? Either way, I think I really found a gem in this pattern. I already have my eye on a knit version and maybe a sleeveless linen version this summer. 

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  • Mar 24, 2022

    You look fabulous. You did a beautiful job. Congrats.

    — Marion Wilhelm

  • Feb 08, 2022

    I have been tempted by this pattern and considering your version. Looks great. The fabric is fabulous. Now I may just have to follow your lead. Thanks for the inspiration.

    — Margie Bailey

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