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Jenn's Swan Shawl

In the fall, when Jaime and Amber went on a whirlwind retreat trip to New England, they came home with Swan’s Island Ikat Watercolor and Firefly yarns.  It’s an incredibly soft and light fingering weight Merino that is beautifully dyed. The skeins also boast a generous 527 yards each.

Jenn's Swan Shawl in Swan's Island Ikat Fingering

Pattern: Swan by Jennifer Renee
Materials: 1 skein Swans Island Ikat Fingering in Indigo/Natural

Detail of Jenn's Swan Shawl

My single skein of the Watercolor in Indigo sat in my stash for only a couple of days before it began screaming at me. I always have too many projects started at once so I tried to ignore it, but everyday the yarn got louder and louder.  It told me that it wanted to be a simple scarf with an interesting border. Since, like most knitters, I am at the mercy of my stash, I decided to work up a swatch and a few samples for borders.

Border of the Swan Shawl in Swans Island Watercolor Fingering

Within the first few rows, I noticed that the fabric created by the Indigo looked like water. What came out of an afternoon of trying different versions, was a simple crescent scarf knit in garter stitch with a border detail that uses eyelets and decreases to create peaks resembling waves. I couldn’t have been happier with the finished project.

Jenn's Swan Shawl in Swan's Island Ikat Fingering

Swan’s Island was a dream to work with. At first I was worried that the indigo dye would end up all over everything, as with most indigo dyed fibers.  While it did tint my hands blue, it washed off right away. When I blocked the scarf I was surprised that the water had barely any blue in it.  I’ve since worn it a number of times, one time even with a white shirt, and no more blue came off on my skin or clothes.

Swan Shawl in the snow

The shop carries a handful of Swan’s Island Merino Fingering Ikat yarn. The pattern would look beautiful in any of them.

Comments on this post (2)

  • Apr 12, 2023

    Hi DB Tate, Have you tried reaching out to the pattern designer via the link to Ravelry? Alternatively, if you’re local to Denver, you’re welcome to come in for one of our Knitting Help nights (check for dates on the class calendar) so we can get eyes on the full pattern & help more. Otherwise, we recommend checking for pattern Errata, or helpful notes from others that have made the pattern just in case they mention the same issue. Hopefully one of those options helps!

    — Fancy Tiger Crafts

  • Apr 12, 2023

    I wonder is it ME or, is there an error in the pattern.

    The set up says: CO 12. K2 plm. YO, K1, plm, K10
    (observation— impossible. If you do the above, there are only 9 stitches to knit at the end of the row not 10)

    Then… Row 1 is LIKEWISE impossible to knit as per written pattern.
    PLEASE HELP ME! Thanks.

    — DB Tate

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