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Jenn's Bright White ARKADE

Ever wonder what it would be like to make yarn from clouds, knit with it, and then wear it? I imagine Woolfolk Far is the closest we can get until science catches up with knitting desires.

ARKADE Cowl in Woolfolk Far

Pattern: ARKADE Cowl by Antonia Shankland
Materials: 4 skeins Woolfolk Far, Snow
Size: cowl
Modifications: none

Both sides of the ARKADE Cowl

The ARKADE cowl was a fun quick knit using simple cable increase and decrease stitches to create an intricate two-sided fabric. I'm in awe, specifically of what the inside looks like with the barrel stitch pattern. At first, the design seemed like it might be difficult, but after the second repeat I got used to the rhythm of the pattern and the fabric started taking shape. From there it was just 14" of heaven passing through my hands.

Detail of Jen Pekol's ARKADE Cowl

The fit is wonderful. It stands at just over 14" high so it sits perfectly without wrapping it around my neck. The pattern comes with instructions for a long, knee-length scarf as well if you are looking to get extra squishy.

ARKADE Cowl by Antonia Shankland in Woolfolk FAR Snow

I am all prepared for when the snow sets in! I will surely be cozy in my bright white ARKADE Cowl.


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