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Jenn's Stunning Solaris

Some projects are about the finished object, some are about the process. This pattern was about both, making it one of my favorite projects.

Jenn's Solaris Shawl by Melanie Berg

Pattern: Solaris Shawl by Melanie Berg
Materials: 2 skeins Madelinetosh Light, 5 Unicorn Tails
Modifications: None

Solaris Shawl in Madelinetosh Light

I am so happy with my Solaris Shawl, by Melanie Berg. When she first released the pattern, I knew I had to have one. Over a year later, the yarn was still waiting for me. In the midst of finishing up a bunch of projects, and feeling like I needed to make myself something special, I caked up my Madeline Tosh Light Abiquiu and 5 unicorn tales in Onyx, Dust Bowl, Celadon, Silver Fox and a bright teal.  I fell in love with the speckly Abiquiu colorway at first sight.  This is odd because my favorite colors are black, grey and any color in between.  But the speckle on this yarn was so unique, full of shades of black and grey, but also browns, teals and the tiniest hint of orange. I pulled on this range of color for my contrasting colors and it turned out perfectly.

Solaris Shawl by Melanine Berg in Madelinetosh

So many dyers are making mini skeins now.  Between Madelinetosh, Knerd String, Coop Knits and Sunshine yarns alone, Fancy Tiger has endless color combinations for you to chose from to make your own. 

Solaris Shawl detail

The Solaris pattern is a triangle knit in a classic garter stitch, but with a twist.  Every few rows there is an eyelet row. This allows the fabric to become extra bouncy and keeps bringing your attention back to the fabric you're creating. I often use knitting as a way to wind down, process my day and even meditate a little. Endless garter allows me to clear my mind keep my hands busy. The eyelet rows constantly brought me back to the moment and reminded me that I was creating something beautiful and cozy. I loved the balance.

Solaris Shawl over the shoulders

The rows of color are created using simple short rows and create a really beautiful shape for the shawl. The final section of color stripes includes a series of increases and decreases that create little fans of color.  Now, I have to admit that my zen experienced stopped when I realized I had to basically count every stitch in every row. I pushed the project aside, worked on some other things, and then realized that if I just sat down and focused, I'd have it done by the end of the day.  So I cleared my weekend for some introverted knitting time and after what turned into two days, this beauty was on the blocking mat. I probably checked on it every hour to make sure it was still as fantastic as I believed it was (it was!).

Jenn Pekol's Solaris shawl

The true proof of my love of this shawl is that I wore for 3 days straight, in 90-degree weather, biking around 10 miles a day. I probably looked a little loopy to anyone who saw me, but I couldn't bear the thought of waiting until the weather turned to show her off. Cooler days can't come fast enough, I plan to wear her every day.  

Solaris Shawl 

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  • Aug 02, 2017

    This is gorgeous! Great color choices! <3

    — alsn

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