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Jaime's Wandering Wilder Gown

When I first saw images of the Wilder Gown pop up on my Instagram feed, I have to admit I felt a little confused. Is it a nightgown? How would I style it? Could I pull this off? My confusion slowly transitioned to appreciation and then to obsession. I MUST MAKE ONE. A Victorian-inspired nightgown is obviously the garment of my dreams I didn't even know about until now. As soon as the printed pattern arrived at the shop, I was on it. Welcome my most perfect Wilder Gown.

Jaime's Wilder Gown dress sewing pattern

Pattern: Wilder Gown by Friday Pattern Company

Fabric: Viscose Rayon in Chestnut

Size Made: Medium

Modifications: Shortened bottom panels by 1.5" each (3" total)

Jaime's wilder gown sewing pattern

The Wilder Gown is a voluminous dress with plenty of gathers. I chose this soft and very drape-y Viscose Rayon with a hint of subtle texture in a diamond weave pattern. I wanted the weight of the fabric to pull down the layers a bit (although the flowy double gauze ones I've been eyeing on IG also look amazing). Somehow, the Wilder Gown looks more complicated than it is - it must be all those gathers. This sewed up easily in one session. The raglan sleeve construction is easy to put together, and the ample neck gathers are achieved with a simple casing. 

back view of Jaime's wilder gown

This pattern is so easy to modify for tons of options. For this first one (oh yes, there will be more), I shortened the two bottom panels by 1.5" each for a total of 3". I am 5'4", and I wanted this to hit mid calf. Since the bottom panels are created from a simple rectangle shape, they are easy to change the size of, meaning an almost endless array of options. 

Jaime in a wilder gown in a cave

The most amazing thing about wearing this is that it really does feel like you're wearing a nightgown out in public. It's so easy and comfortable to wear. I wore this on a 4-mile hike in the high desert in New Mexico to capture these photos, and it happened to rain almost the whole time. Is a rayon Wilder gown the new tech-clothing? Probably not. I had to lift it in my hand during inclines and descents, and I couldn't scoot on my butt to get down some slick and steep rocks but it was pretty dreamy. Don't rule out a Wilder gown on your next adventure!


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  • Sep 30, 2019

    This is gorgeous and the background is stunning!

    — Karen machado

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