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Jaime's Three Penny Raglans

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Grainline Studio patterns. Their newest pattern, Penny Raglan, was just released a few weeks ago and I'm in love. I've already made three and there might be more to come!

Pattern: Penny Raglan by Grainline Studio (PDF only)
Fabric: Grey Mix Melange Jersey
Size: 2
Modifications: none

The Penny Raglan pattern is an oversized tee meant to be sewn in a drapey knit fabric. We just started carrying a ton of new knits from Telio, including this amazing rayon melange knit. I couldn't wait to sew this super drapey fabric up, and the Penny Raglan pattern was the perfect choice.

The Penny Raglan is a quick sew--the perfect project for the beginning garment sewist to start working with knits. The raglan sleeves are a cinch and there are just 3 pattern pieces to cut out. I chose to finish my neckband, sleeves and hem with a double needle and contrasting black thread. I love the loose, easy fit of this tee. You know how it goes when you find a pattern you love--you must make more!

Jaime's Woven Penny Raglans

Fabric: Linen/Rayon woven
Size Made: 2
Modifications: Used a woven instead of a knit and cut the neckband on the bias instead of on grain

This pattern is written for a knit, but it has so much positive ease, I knew it would work in a woven. The trick is to use a woven that has a ton of drape, the way a knit would so that the shirt doesn't look too boxy. For my first one, I chose to use this linen/rayon blend fabric. This lovely, lightweight fabric has a beautiful hand and I knew it would drape well. I didn't go up in size and stuck to my size 2, it worked great! In order to work with a fabric with no stretch, I had to cut the neckline out on the bias instead of on grain. Since the neckband is stretched to fit the neck for the knit versions and this fabric wouldn't stretch as much, I cut out a much longer neckband then I would need. I then attached the neckband using the same technique that we recommend for a woven Fen - this worked great. I finished this and the hem and sleeves again with a double needle, to neatly finish the edges on the inside of the garment. I love it!

Once I knew this pattern would work in a woven, I couldn't stop. I had been hoarding a cut of this Elizabeth Suzan tencel fabric in my favorite beige-pink color and I knew if would make a beautiful Penny Raglan. Using a silk or tencel fabric can make this tee a more sophisticated top, perfect for a night out. Any of these silks would be lovely!

This fabric was challenging to sew with, but the pattern is easy enough that I managed to get through it. I used my same method from above to finish the neckline and it worked great. I love this top so much! I'd highly recommend this pattern if you're looking for an oversized tee that is simple to sew. I would suggest sewing it first in the recommended knit fabric before trying it in a woven.

This fast sew has become a new staple for me and my handmade wardrobe and I look forward to trying it out in even more different fabrics.


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  • Nov 06, 2018

    Thank you for the post! I just finished making this in a knit and have fallen in love with the pattern. It didn’t take me long to start wondering if it would work in a woven – yours look wonderful! Side note: you have a fabulous necklace collection. Thanks again.

    — Eowyn

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