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Jaime's Pinnacle Top

I lost my excitement for sewing sometime in mid-December and haven't sewn anything since then... until my recent trip to Quiltcon! There's nothing like an upcoming trip to help with motivation, especially one that revolves around seeing crafty folks that will appreciate my handiwork! I decided to sew up a new top to wear and choose a new pattern we had recently gotten in that looked promising... welcome my silk Pinnacle top!

Pinnacle Top

Pattern: Pinnacle Top by Papercut Patterns
Fabric: Silk Noil (2 yds) in Oyster Shell Size Made: Small, Variation 2
Modifications: none

Papercut Patterns Pinnacle Top

I choose to make the Variation 2 which has a higher neckline and features a tie closure in the back. The pattern is marked as "Rookie" and it is easy ... except for the very beginning. I'm not going to lie; the first step involves piecing the striking triangles on the front and it was the hardest part. It was much more like piecing a quilt than sewing a garment. After several unsuccessful attempts and much seam-ripping, Shawna, quilter extraordinaire, came to my rescue. Shawna helped pin my pieces in place to create the perfect matching points and like magic, it worked. Thank you Shawna! For those of you who don't get to sew with Shawna, my tip would be to line up the notches as indicated and then know that the pieces will end about 1/2" from the edge - this is ok, you're doing it right. (it will make sense if you're making it!)

Back View of Jaime's Raw Silk Pinnacle Top

Once those pieces are in place, the top comes together like a dream! It's so simple to sew up. The pattern pieces to this top are unlike anything I had sewn before, making it a fun and interesting shirt to sew - highly recommended!

Jaime showing off the oversized shape of her Pinnacle Top

I love this top. It is oversized and boxy making it comfy to wear and I think the piecework on the front elevates it to night out status. I wanted to start with the silk noil, which I am familiar with and is easy to work with, for my first one. Now that I've made one, I want to try it in a drapier fabric like rayon or tencel. I'm also looking forward to making variation 1 which is a deep "v". Overall the new Pinnacle Top from Papercut is a win.


Comments on this post (2)

  • Mar 25, 2019

    Thanks for the tip on the triangles. I’m not a quilter and it had me a bit stumped :)

    — Shelly

  • Mar 06, 2019

    Thank you for the review, it’s next on my list! I won’t lie though, I wish you had a couple pictures of the piecing part because I’m definitely nervous about it!

    — Brandi

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