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Jaime's Wool Jersey Tech Tank

As you might know if you follow my personal account on Instagram, I love to hike, backpack and camp - pretty much anything that involves getting out in nature. When we started carrying this amazing 100% wool jersey, I knew it was time to try my hand at sewing technical hiking clothes, starting with an Adventure Tank.
jaime's wool adventure tank
Pattern: Adventure Tank, Muscle Tee version
Fabric: Superfine Merino Wool Jersey in Military
Size Made: Small
Modifications: None
Jaime adventuring in her wool jersey adventure tank
As one of our own patterns by Amber, I've made many Adventure Tanks over the years and I love them all. This was my immediate go-to for a hiking top. The Muscle Tank version is perfect because it offers more sun coverage on your chest, back, and shoulders while still keeping cool with no sleeves.back view of jaime's merino wool jersey adventure tankIt might seem counter-intuitive to use a wool fabric for a summer-time shirt, but let me tell you, it is perfect. This wool jersey is super lightweight and soft. Wool naturally breathes and is moisture wicking. Best of all?? It resists odors. So far I've taken this tank out on a 3-day backpacking adventure, wearing it every day while sweating profusely climbing up a mountain in heat with a pack on, and it never smelled at all. Did I mention I don't bring deodorant on my backpacking trips to save weight? Seriously a miracle fabric.I've worn this tank on every hike I've done since making it, and it is my favorite shirt for adventuring. Not just for hiking, folks - I've done my city runs in it and worn it out for tacos as well. I'm looking forward to making a longer-sleeved shirt for cooler weather, probably using the Lark pattern from Grainline. I hope you are as inspired as I am excited about this most perfect fabric for all your adventures and workouts.

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