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Jaime's Marled Weekender

The Weekender Sweater has everything I love going for it - boxy, oversized shape, smart details in the pattern, and MARL! Of course, I had to make it. 

Jaime's Marled Weekender Sweater

Pattern: Weekender by Andrea Mowry
Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in Newsprint (7 skeins)
Size Made: 34"
Modifications: Knit the size XS in a different gauge

Detail of Brooklyn Tweed's "Newsprint" Shelter shown in hemline and cuff

I knit this sweater twice... well, almost. I had almost finished knitting the body of the sweater when I realized an embarrassing gauge-measuring mistake. #knittruth: I often use an old Susan Bates  2" measuring ruler to measure my gauge swatches and then I do the math to figure it out for 4". I think I must have done this simple math wrong, because when my almost-finished sweater looked too big and I checked the gauge, I was working at 16 sts to 4" and not the patterns 18 sts to 4". I tried the sweater on and thought about just having an even more oversized sweater than the recommended 10" of positive ease, but I knew the answer. I had to rip it out and start over. Since I had knit so much at the wrong gauge, I decided I did like the fabric at this gauge. I did the math and it worked out perfectly to use the instructions and stitch count for the xs size to make my desired 44" sweater. 

Jaime's Marled Boxy Weekender Sweater

In the end, it worked out perfectly. I love my new sweater and I'm not even sad that I had to knit it twice to get it right. 

Faux front seam on Jaime's Andrea Mowry Weekender Sweater

This sweater has lovely details such as a reverse stockinette body with faux-seam slip-stitch down the front and back center, stockinette sleeves, dropped shoulders and a ribbed neckline. The neck and sleeves are neatly finished with a new tubular bind-off that I hadn't executed before and they look great. Andrea has written a thoughtful and smart pattern that was a pleasure to knit - twice! 

This biggest selling point for me on this sweater was the use of marl yarn. I love marls, but this is my first sweater knit in them - shocking! The Brooklyn Tweed Shelter Marls are all in neutral shades so the hardest part is picking one. 

 Split hem detail on Jaime's marled Weekender Sweater

Guys! Double check your gauge. And your math. xo jaime

Back view of Jaime's Weekender Sweater

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  • Feb 25, 2018

    The Weekender looks great on you. I’ve just finished the sleeve and cuff and I’m having a terrible time binding off the cuff. It ends up to be a big mess. I’m using a 16” cord. Any suggestions?


    — Caren Cruse

  • Jan 31, 2018

    Jaime, you look fabulous in your sweater!! I am so happy you stuck with it after the gauge dibacle and am beyond thrilled that you are happy with your finished sweater!! Xoxoxox

    — Andrea

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