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Jaime's Four Best Bromes

ALL THE BROMES! I am so excited about Amber's newest pattern, Brome! We've been busy test sewing this pattern since last fall and I cannot wait for it to get into your hands. Because we've been working on it for a bit, I've made a few... 

Jaime's 4 Bromes

One of the greatest things about this pattern is the versatility. There are three official versions, but if you mix and match elements there are a ton of variations for almost any occasion. 

Jaime's Brussels Washer Brome

Pattern: Brome, View B by Amber Corcoran
Fabric: Brussels Washer Rayon Linen in OD Green
Size Made: 6
Modifications: None

Shoulder and yoke gathering detail of Brome

This dress was the first Brome that I made last fall. I wore this thing all fall and into winter and sadly couldn't share it with you before now. There were a few mods made to the pattern after this - mostly tiny details like the circumference of the 3/4 length cuff and the method of attaching the placket and neckband which cleaned up the future versions. 

Jaime's olive green brome dress

I love it though! I made it in affordable, durable, drape-y Brussels Washer. If you don't have a dress in this basic garment fabric yet, do yourself a favor and get some! It is so easy to work with, care for, and wear. I intended this as a wearable muslin and it has been just that - oh-so-wearable. This was my gateway Brome to many more Bromes...

Jaime's Yarn Dyed, Homespun Essex Brome shirt

Pattern: Brome, View A by Amber Corcoran
Fabric: Essex Yarn-dyed Homespun in Pepper
Size Made: 6
Modifications: None

Black and White Woven Brome Shirt

This classic long-sleeved shirt is the original Brome version that started it all. It has all the lovely features that were later adapted for the dress versions - gently gathered at the yoke, full button placket, and adorable gathered sleeve plackets as well. Sewn up in this cotton-linen yarn dyed Homespun - this is a class and feminine shirt that is perfect for spring, fall, and winter. Sew this up in a lighter-weight rayon or lawn and it will be great for summer. 

Red Floral Linen Maxi Brome

Pattern: Brome, View C by Amber Corcoran
Fabric: Japanese Linen Sheeting
Size Made: 6
Modifications: Shortened length by 3"

Back View of Jaime's favorite Red Linen Maxi Brome

I'm not sure what I was thinking when making this dress. It's so bright! And a maxi! You all know how I feel about saturated colors and I've never made or worn a maxi before in my life. I'm short - just a bit over 5'3" so I never thought I could wear a maxi. I'm so glad I decided to make this because it is my absolute favorite! It is so flattering and so comfortable! It's like I'm wearing pajamas outside and people think I look nice - win-win! I will be making more of this version for sure. It is the perfect summer dress. I did use the lengthen/shorten lines to shorten this by 3" when cutting it out which turned out to be perfect. 

Jaime in her first maxi dress, a View C Brome

Pattern: Brome, View A by Amber Corcoran
Fabric: Alison Glass Mariner Cloth in Chartreuse
Size Made: 6
Modifications: I made the shirt length and placket-style, but the sleeveless version of the Maxi

Sleeveless Shirt Brome

I was so in love with my maxi, and summer is upon us, so I decided to try out a sleeve-less shirt version. Guess what, guys... it works! It's awesome! 

Brome Sleeveless Shirt in bright yellow Mariner Cloth

This fabric is a dream to work with and I love the bright summery, happy, yellow color. The fabric is quite thick so I would recommend using a very lightweight interfacing for the collar and placket. You might consider cutting the collar facing in another, lighter-weight fabric to help with the bulk. 

Back View of the Sleeveless shirt Brome

I've made all the official versions of Brome and one modified version. I love them all! I hope you guys love this pattern as much as we do. We can't wait to see what you make with it.

Comments on this post (2)

  • Jun 13, 2018

    Hello Brook,
    Jaime actually kept the pocket placement the same. If you do decide to move the pockets you can probably just move them an inch or two. You don’t need to move them the full 4" that you shortened.

    — Jaime Jennings

  • Jun 13, 2018

    HI love this pattern so much! I"m cutting out my pieces right now!! I will also be shortening my Maxi dress about 4", wondering how to deal with the pocket placement? should I just move it down 4" also? Or just hold it up an guesstimate ? Any tips appreciated! Thanks :)

    — Brook

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