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Jaime's Brusca Bouquet

Woman in red sweater

OMG I DID IT! I knit a Bouquet Sweater and it's my new masterpiece!

Pattern: Bouquet by Junko Okamoto (Caution, link takes users to Ravelry which may have accessibility and health issues for some individuals)
Yarn: Brusca - MC: Rubi Escuro 8C (8 skeins), CC: Torcao de La BC (2 skeins)
Size Made: 45.6" (Pattern is one size)
Modifications: none

Close up sweater

What a knit! This pattern introduced me to a new technique of stranding yarn on the outside of the knitting for a beautiful, embroidery-like effect. The sweater is knit top-down and it just doesn't quit! The all-over colorwork is composed of 15 different floral motifs that are scattered over the design, which means that there is no memorizing of rows. It was slow going at times, but watching it come together kept me interested and kept me knitting.

Woman in red sweater

The one big bummer about this pattern is that the sizing is not inclusive. It only comes in one size (45.6" bust) which, of course, will not fit all. The size worked for me, so I didn't make any modifications and am wearing it as written with over 10" of positive ease.

Woman looking over shoulder

I was really excited to be working with Brusca from Retrosaria Rosa Pomar. We started carrying this yarn earlier this year, and I've been wanting to knit with it from the moment it came in. It's a beautifully rustic, plied, DK-weight yarn, and it is a joy to knit. There are bits of vegetable matter in the yarn which remind you that this is a farmed product from the land, and add to the rustic charm and feel. Brusca is made of 50% Saloia and 50% Merino Branco and Merino Preto wool, which are all breeds of sheep native to Portugal. Rosa Pomar of Retrosaria lovingly creates this yarn that supports Portuguese communities and shepherds working to preserve their wool traditions.

Woman in sweater

This yarn is made to last, and trust me--after I've spent so much time knitting this sweater, that aspect makes me so glad I chose to knit it in Brusca. I find layering this sweater over a t-shirt is enough to help with any itchiness that can occur with a sturdier wool. Overall, I can emphatically say that I'm in love. I think this is my new favorite make and I'm so glad I took on the challenge of this pattern. Love love love!

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