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Jaime and Rae Make Metamorphic

As part of our staff Summer of Sewing Challenge, both Rae and Jaime took on the Sew Liberated Metamorphic Dress with incredible results. This fully reversible dress is super versatile and great for summer travel. Think two outfits in one! Lets hear all about Rae and Jaime's dresses! 

Rae's Minty Metamorphic Dress

Pattern: Metamorphic Dress by Sew Liberated
Size made: 4
Materials: Andover Zig Zig in Mint, Robert Kaufman Brussels Washer in Sage
Modifications: lengthened underlayer by 1.5"

Rea in her Minty Metamorphic

I was nervous about undertaking this pattern, but it turned out to be such a breeze! I couldn't WAIT to get a second dress cut out and started after finishing the first. It was so comfortable and flattering I want to wear one every day! I definitely recommend watching the designers YouTube tutorial on the "burrito method" before you join the 2 layers.

Detail of Rae's Brussels Washer Metamorphic Dress from Sew Liberated

I was initially concerned that the two layers were going to be too heavy to be comfortable wearing in the summer heat, but the breathability of the cotton and linen, coupled with the way the dress drapes loosely away from your body have actually made it one of the cooler items in my entire wardrobe.

Jaime's On the Go Metamorphic Dress

When I saw Rae come into work wearing her new dress, it was love at first site. I HAD TO MAKE ONE! Sometimes photos online just don't do it for you and you have to see something in person to realize how perfect it is. 

 Side One of Jaime's Black Metamorphic Dress

Pattern: Metamorphic Dress by Sew Liberated
Materials: Robert Kaufman Brussels Washer Black and Windowpane Plaid Cotton
Size Made: 4
Modifications: lengthened dress by 1 1/2", let out the side seams by 1/2"

I was so excited about making one of these, I made a pretty rookie error - I decided to use Rae's pattern pieces which were already traced onto Swedish Tracing Paper to make mine. She seemed like a similar size and this dress is a bit roomy. Rae had made a 4, and while I would have chosen a 6 based on my measurements, I decided the 4 would be ok for me and went for it. 

Guess what?? It was too small. But just a bit. So I went back and let the side seems out 1/2" on each side - it fits great now. Lesson learned, take time to trace the correct size, even when you're really excited about making something. 

Side Two of Jaimes Blue Windowpane Metamorphic Dess

The thing I'm most excited about this dress?? It's reversible! Its like two dresses in one. I travel a lot and this is very appealing - you just have to pack one dress, but you have two new outfits to wear! I love it. It was pretty straightforward to sew, with just a couple of tricky parts to connect the two and finish the armholes. I love that both dresses have pockets. It's super comfortable to wear too, really just the perfect travel dress. 

I chose to use one of my go-to garment fabrics, Brussels Washer in black. This is drapey and the rayon means it won't get as wrinkly as a linen/cotton blend. The blue windowpane plaid is a gorgeous fabric that I've been meaning to work with so I'm happy to have made this dress. Thanks, Rae! I'll be making more of these, but maybe next time I'll try the 6!

Rae's Patchwork Metamorphic

Pattern: Metamorphic Dress by Sew Liberated
Size made: 4
Materials: Andover Q-Tip in Grey, Raw Silk Noil in Deep Olive, Cotton & Steel quilting cotton remnant for patch pockets
Modifications: lengthened BOTH layers by 4.5"*, added in-seam pockets to the top layer

*Lengthening top layer requires getting the same amount of fabric yardage as the under layer

For my second dress, I knew I wanted the overall length to be longer, and I have been dying for an excuse to use the sumptuous raw silk noil.  I added contrasting patch pockets with a fabric remnant I had on hand to give the dress a bit more character, in addition to adding in-seam pockets to the top layer in the same manner that they are added for the under layer. 

Rae's grey Ikat Metamorphic Dress

I had originally thought to utilize a rolled hem foot on my sewing machine for the under layer on both dresses but found that it didn't perform as well on a rounded edge. I ended up doing a more labor-intense version to get it done (here's a great tutorial from Grainline!).

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