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Indigo Dye Party!

Several of us at the shop recently got together to experience the natural dye magic of the Waves Bandana Indigo Dye Kit from A Verb For Keeping Warm. This awesome little kits has all the ingredients to make a little indigo vat, perfect for experimenting with shibori dye techniques and creating one of a kind bandanas. 

Since there were several of us and we were dyeing lots of bandanas, Allison created our dyepot on a slightly larger scale. Each of us stitched, gathered, clamped, and bound our fabrics in different ways to see what effect it would have on the shibori pattern.

Then the magical part, dipping the prepared handkerchief into the indigo vat. Multiple dips create a darker shade of blue. 

Once the dipped fabric pieces dried, it was so exciting opening up the fabric to reveal the patterns. This is addictive! There are so many ways you can create really cool patterns, and at the same time the results are always a bit of a surprise.

Make your own awesome bandana and learn about the magic of the indigo vat with the Waves Bandana Indigo Dye Kit and Kristine Vejar's indispensable book, the Modern Natural Dyer, which walks you through this project. 

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