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Gardening Pants!

I've been a little bit excited about gardening lately and have been spending almost every free moment in my garden this spring. Most days I can be found wearing jeans, which I can tell you are not the most comfortable for digging in the dirt. I decided to whip up some good ol' gardening pants, and 100 Acts of Sewing's Pants No 1 fit the bill! Learn about the upcoming class at the end of the post.

Pattern: 100 Acts of Sewing Pants No 1
Fabric: Hemp/Organic Cotton Plaid Chambray, 2.5 yards
Size Made: S
Modifications: None

My new hemp chambray gardening pants are the most comfortable pants I own. And they are pretty cute to boot! The hemp fabric is perfect for hot weather, and the easy shape of the pants mean I can climb around in the garden with ease.

The construction of these pants is super simple--elastic waistband, just 2 pattern pieces to cut out--they are basically a cropped pajama style pant but the fit is more flattering. These pants are for the days when you want to wear your pajamas, but you must venture out into the world...or for when you have to rescue your precious seedlings from an escaped chicken.

Success! Thanks, Pants No. 1!

Sonya will be here teaching her Pants No. 1 class as part of our 10 year celebration weekend--sign up and make these pants with the inspiring woman behind 100 Acts of Sewing!

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