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Finally Fall: Lauren's Remarkable Ronan

It's finally Fall! The weather may not be cooperating yet but it's no excuse not to have the hand-knits on standby. I have a loving history with Brooklyn Tweed patterns and Andrea Mowry. When Wool People Vol. 11 was released and I realized they had teamed up I knew I had to get to work. 

Lauren's Ronan Cardigan

Pattern: Ronan Cardigan by Andrea Mowry from Wool People Vol. 11
Size Made: 42½ "
Materials: 12 Skeins of Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in Wool Socks, Size 7 & 9 Circular Needles
Modifications: None

Ronan Cardigan Pockets

My favorite thing about this cardigan is the pockets. If you put pockets on anything, there's a 100% chance I'll want to make it. I was pleased to see that method for these was super simple. All you have to do is stitch them down when they're finished and you're set!

Brioche Collar on the Ronan Cardigan

When I first saw this cardigan I assumed the ribbing around the collar and pockets was a simple knit 1 purl 1 pattern but it's actually brioche! This gives the whole collar a squishy, cozy feel that is perfect for cooler days. It may take a little longer to complete but the result is definitely worth it. 

Andrea Mowry's Ronan CardiganHemline in Ronan Cardigan from Wool People 11

I had never considered the Shelter yarn as a candidate for brioche knitting but I really love the way it works up. The structure of the yarn gives a lot of definition to the stitch pattern. It makes me want to brioche all types of wool!

Lower arm hole on Andrea Mowry's Ronan CardiganLauren Wright's Ronan Cardigan

The Ronan cardigan would be a great pattern for someone with knitting experience who's looking to learn a couple new tricks. If you're familiar with brioche stitch it'll be a breeze. It may seem silly to knit a cardigan during the 90-degree weather we've had in Denver this summer but now I have the perfect garment in time for Fall!

Lauren doing her happy dance


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