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Faux Jumpsuit x Deux

What's better than a me-made faux jumpsuit? Two matchy matchy faux jumpsuits! If you're not a fan of the real deal (as in jumpsuits), consider pairing two separates in the same fabric for the jumpsuit look without the commitment. Lauren and Amber did just that, for a high-end vibe that's just right for summer in the city.  jumpsuit twinsLauren's Faux Jumpsuit
Pattern: Inari Tee & Marigold Trouser
Size Made: 4 in the shirt and 2 for the pants
Modifications: None
Fabric: Roma Hanky Metallic in Gold on Oatmeal

I found my perfect summer look! I have fallen in love with this linen shirt and pant combo. My favorite outfit typically consists of a crop top and a high-waisted pant so I knew I had to recreate that with this sparkly linen fabric. 

lauren's faux jumpsuit

I have made several Inari Tees (and the dress!) since we got the pattern at Fancy Tiger. It's such a comfortable garment, and they sew up very quickly. I loved the idea of pairing it with a matching pant to create a faux-jumpsuit look. It's all the fun of a one piece without the hassle! 

lauren's inari tee

This outfit was really straightforward and simple to sew. It would be great for beginners. If you were planning to create your own, my one note would be to hem the shirt after the pants are finished. I found that this helped get the hemline just right for the pants! 

lauren's faux jumpsuit marigold trousers

Amber's Faux Jumpsuit

Amber's Mods-to-the-Max Inari
Pattern: Inari by Named
Fabric: 1 1/2 yards Japanese Cotton Twill (sold out) but I highly recommend our Linen Twill
Size made: US 6 with FBA
Modifications: Added a button placket, full bust adjustment and lengthened 2"
amber's faux jumpsuit
I was totally inspired by Lauren's Faux Jumpsuit. I'd been dreaming about a jumpsuit for a bit, and then she came into work with her shiny faux onesie. I immediately went and cut some fabric for the faux jumpsuit of my dreams. 

The simplicity of the Inari is the perfect canvas for modifications, and I decided adding a button placket would make a super-cool top for my matchie mcmatcherson outfit. Kind of in the style of a mechanic's coveralls, but fancy, ya know?

Amber's faux jumpsuit inari tee with button placket

The button placket was really fun to put together, and I'll share a tutorial for it on the blog this week! Little natural wooden buttons were the perfect complement to the undyed cotton twill.

Amber's Cotton Twill Arenite Pants
Pattern: Arenite Pants by Sew Liberated
Fabric: 4 yards Japanese Cotton Twill (sold out) but I highly recommend our Linen Twill
Size made: 12
Modifications: Full derrière adjustmentAmber's arenite pants

I chose the Arenite pants for the bottoms of my faux jumpsuit. I was very interested in comparing the fit with the Palisade pants I just made. Because of the fit issues in the seat when I made those, I decided to go ahead and do a full derrière adjustment on this pattern. The fit came out great. The Arenites do have a looser, more easygoing fit than the Palisade pants, which is more of a slim yet easy fit. Both are comfortable, but I'd say these are a bit more "lounging around and still looking good". I love them both!

Back view of Amber's arenite pants

Something about this outfit reminds me of my casually stylish grandma Ginny. She wore bangles on her wrists in natural hues of carved faux-ivory bakelite and bamboo. They made the best sound as she tinkered around. She was an inspiring and cool lady, and I'm digging the natural tones vibe that reminds me of her!

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