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Elyse's Enchanting Square Neck Top

The staff at Fancy Tiger Crafts were challenged to pick up sewing projects they've been meaning to learn as part of the FTC Summer Sewing Challenge. Seeing as I have never sewn an actual garment before, I figured this summer would be the perfect time for me to learn. The encouragement of the staff (and others) to start something new and exciting was enough for me to pick a pattern and go. I chose the Friday Pattern Company Square Neck Top.

square neck top pattern review

Pattern: Friday Pattern Company - Square Neck Top

Fabric: Speckle Cotton Jersey Natural

Size Made: XS

elyse's square neck top sewing project

As soon as the Square Neck Top hit our sales floor, I just new I had to make it. I was inspired by the picture of the pattern and decided the Speckle Cotton Jersey would be the best fit for my top. I figured a 97% cotton and 3% polyester blend would be easier to work with, versus a bamboo jersey knit.
close up of elyse's square neck topI feel honored to be surrounded by such talented and experienced garment makers who only want to see others around them love the world of sewing too. Being able to utilize the FTC tools (big table, rotary cutters, mats, etc) and the wonderful recommendations and tips from my fellow employees (Swedish tracing paper is a must!), I felt confident I could make this happen.

back view of Elyse's square neck top

Once I got my fabric, I brought it home and immediately put it in the washer and dryer. I love that my fellow Tigers told me to "beat up" my fabric, to put it in the worst-case scenario. This seems so counterintuitive to me but this is to ensure the fabric will shrink as much as it can, so that somewhere along the way, if it does get into the dryer full heat, it won't be so devastating.

Once I got things traced and cut, I was ready. Saying a small prayer to the sewing goddesses, I began to cut my fabrics. Once I got this step done, I had to learn how to read a pattern. With the help of Danielle, Megan and Lucy, I started to piece together this pattern.

Elyse square neck top knit blouse project reviewI learned many things along the way (and will continue to do so): darts are sewn on the inside of the fabric, not out. It's important to measure the finished shoulder seam, and remember the fusible interfacing! I forgot the last step, and the square neck just doesn't sit right. All in all, I'm grateful for this experience (and mistakes) and can't wait to start on my next garment!

Comments on this post (2)

  • Aug 30, 2019

    Congratulations, Babe 🥰 your very first sewing garment that you modeled so beautifully, with class👌 Mom💖

    — Len C. Sundita

  • Aug 27, 2019

    I like the darts-on-the-outside! What a fantastic first project! Sure beats my corduroy wrap around skirt from 6th grade!

    — Jeanne

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