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Danielle's Airy Athens Tank

Continuing on with our week of light, linen, summer knits we have Danielle in her airy Athens tank made up in Shibui Reed. This extra long, slate colored top will make the perfect summertime basic! Tell us more Danielle.

Danielle's Shibui Knits Reed Athens Tank

First things first! I've worked with other linen yarns before and I can't say that it's always been pleasant...I normally get calluses before the end of my project, but I didn't even get sensitive spots with Reed! Even just feeling it in the hank you can tell it has a softer feel than most linen yarn which are known for being pretty rough on the hands.

Shibui Reed detial in Graphite

Pattern: Athens by Shellie Anderson 
Materials: Shibui Knits Reed in Graphite 2002 (4 hanks), size 4 - 32" needles
Size Made: Small 
Modifications: none

Shibui Knits Reed in Graphite

I went back and forth between colors because the muted tones in this line are all so beautiful! I could honestly see myself making another one in a different color to layer with, but I ended up getting the help of some of my fellow Tigers when I couldn't decide. Graphite was the winner because it goes with my eyes.

I also wasn't quite sure which size to make since I'd normally make a small, but have gone up to a medium since the fall. I definitely didn't want it to swallow me up though-especially when I get back down to smalls again. I felt safe staying with the small size though when I saw the positive ease that is built into this top-knowing it will just fit me a little snugger in the chest for now (I'm at 36.5 now), but still have a good amount of ease when my chest is smaller again.

Danielle's Athens Tank from the back

Oh, and the pattern calls for 5 hanks for the small, but I only used 4. I was however on vacation for half of it and my gauge mayyyy have loosened up while lazily knitting by the pool/beach 😉

Shibui Reed hemline detail in Graphite

I LOVE the way this came out, but if I were to change anything for the next one, I might make the arm openings smaller so I have more freedom of what I can wear underneath. I also still deciding if I'll leave the neckline as-is or if I'll go back and add a crochet edge to keep it from rolling or stretching over time.

Armpit detail of Danielle's Athens Tank

I have a pretty eclectic style and need pieces that can change with the way I'm feeling that day. Sometimes I'm feeling a low-key, relaxed look with sandals and other times like when we're going out-I'm in heeled booties with Lagertha hair (from Vikings!), so classic pieces like this one are perfect for me-it really goes with anything!

Danielle's Athens Tank from behind

Whatever color & size you choose or how your gauge sways on you-I'm sure you'll love this top in Shibui Reed as much as I do! It knits up way faster than you think it will and feels so comfortable you forget it's even on.


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