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Constellations: Hoshi Jacket

While planning projects for the Constellations book, I knew I wanted to include a garment. The patchwork of the constellations, I thought, lends itself well to a wearable item. It would bring together two of my craft loves--garment making and quilting.

Amber in her grey linen Hoshi Jacket

Pattern: Hoshi Jacket from Constellations: 12 Pieced Astrological Blocks, 8 Personalized Sewing Projects
Fabric: 2-3/8 yards Romsey Linen in Charcoal, 1/8 yard (or scraps) Antwerp Linen Natural
Size: S/M

Amber at the top of a marble staircase wearing her Hoshi Jacket from Constellations

The Hoshi Jacket is a simple, boxy hip length jacket. Easy to wear over a basic tee and jeans, or over a simple black dress, it creates a sleek and starry style. This Hoshi features my astrological block, Taurus, although any of the constellation blocks can be used on the jacket to show off your own astrological identity. 

Amber Corcoran sitting with her back to the camera showing off her Constellations Hoshi Jacket

The block is appliquéd onto the jacket, so making a Hoshi without stars is also an option!

Amber Corcoran Platzer standing between two columns showing off the back of her grey linen Hoshi Jacket

Hoshi looks great sewn up in a light weight linen, chambray or lightweight denim. For this one I've used one of my favorite linens for garments, Telio Romsey Linen, but any of the linens from Telio would be just as beautiful!

Pocket detail on Amber's Hoshi Jacket

My favorite part of the garment are the sleek and functional front pockets. The unconventional construction is really simple, and takes the place of a front hem. The four pockets are perfect for holding all your sewing or craft tools. The Hoshi makes a fabulous crafting jacket!

NOTE: There is a missing instruction in the directions for the Hoshi Jacket. Please cut two 5" x 30" rectangles from the main fabric for use as the collar pieces.

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  • May 25, 2018

    Hello Gabriela,
    Sorry you are having difficulties! We don’t have any videos, but if you send your specific questions/problems to we can help to work through the hangup.

    — Fancy Tiger Crafts

  • May 25, 2018

    I have been having alot of trouble with the instructions I wish there was a video or something to help me.

    — Gabriela Schott Rivera

  • Feb 25, 2018

    i love this

    — Suzan Platzer

  • Dec 22, 2017

    Is this jacket pattern available outside of your book? It’s so cute! Would love to make one up.

    — Sarah

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