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Constellation Blocks: Virgo Baby Quilt

The Constellation Blocks look great in solids, but there are some almost-solid prints that work quite nicely. Shawna tested the Virgo pattern in this subtle print by Janet Clare. Paired with a black fabric for the stars, the fabric is reminiscent of parchment paper and the quilt reminds me of a diagram of the constellations.

Pattern: Virgo Constellation Block made into a 50" x 60" quilt
Materials: Nocturne Texture Stellar (3 yards), Raven Designer Essentials cotton solid (scraps), Snowfall Midnight (quilt back, 2-1/2 yards)

Virgo Baby Quilt

A single constellation quilt is a great gift to celebrate a new baby! This Virgo baby quilt is 50 x 60, and is large enough for a nice play mat, with a constellation right in the center to keep the little one's visual interest. The subtle shading of this fabric is great for baby, too, as the slight gradation of off-white is more forgiving than a true solid.

The single constellation quilt makes a great birthday or graduation gift as well!

The painterly qualities and subdued colors of Janet Clare's Nocturne collection and Marcia Derse's Bookends work together for this calming Astrological quilt.

Tomorrow I'll share a project using all 12 of the constellations, check back in to see each and every one of the blocks!

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