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Constellation Blocks: Taurus Linen Throw Pillow

This Taurus Constellation throw pillow is made from a single Constellation Block. The 20" blocks are the perfect size for the front of a large decorative pillow for the bed or sofa.

Pattern: Taurus Constellation Block made into a 20" throw pillow
Materials: 100% Linen Canvas Indigo (5/8 yd), 100% Linen Canvas Mustard (5/8 yd), 20" pillow form

Constellation Block Pillow

The design of the Constellation Blocks began when I created this pillow for myself. I wanted to design a simple and minimal patchwork pillow that would be at home in a modern decor. I was inspired by and wanted to use this beautiful Japanese linen, which we carry at the store. The woven threads are heavy and glossy, and slightly uneven, giving the fabric a beautiful texture and feel. I love the way the dark indigo looks with the warm mustard hue and both the colors and the fabric inspired me to make a patchwork version of my own astrological constellation, Taurus. I had so much fun creating a pattern for the constellation that I decided to make one for each constellation of the zodiac!

Fancy Tiger Crafts Constellations Quilt Blocks

To make the constellation blocks, you only need a tiny amount of star fabric, but for an envelope-style back for your pillow you will need an extra 5/8 yard of either fabric. I used the star color for my pillow back, and 5/8 yard left me plenty of scraps for my stars. This slubby, shiny linen frays pretty easily so if using this fabric it is important to make sure your piecing seam allowances are a full 1/4". I used a 1/2" seam allowance around the edge of the pillow. No matter the fabric you are using, accurate seam allowances are important with the constellation blocks piecing because of the small pieces and the number of strips in each block. That said, this pillow was my first test sew of the pattern and my seams are definitely not the most precise--my stars are a bit wonky--but it's still mighty lovely!

Taurus Quilt Block by Fancy Tiger

The 20" pillow is my favorite size throw pillow for the couch, perfect for getting cozy during a movie or propping up a laptop. A constellation pillow for each member of the family would be stunning addition to a simple sofa!

Check back in tomorrow as I share a small quilt Shawna made with a single constellation block.

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