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Constance's Rizzo Blouse

A woman stands in a red sweater

Pattern: Rizzo Blouse by Poison Grrls on Ravelry
Yarn: Kelbourne Woolens Perennial in Vintage Red, 2 skeins
Size Made: XS
Modifications: None

I love vintage fashion and vintage silhouettes even though I embrace quite a few modern elements to my style. The Rizzo Blouse by Poison Grrls is just the prettiest little blouse that fully embraces the vintage style. The moss stitch yoke with the beautiful shaping are the perfect details for this blouse.

A woman stands in a red sweater
Photo Credit: Constance Caddell

For the yarn, I wanted to try out the Kelbourne Woolens Perennial. I have admired the Kelbourne Woolens company for some years now and looked forward to using their yarn for this project. I was immediately attracted to the gorgeous bright color range. It made my final decision so difficult. In the end, I decided to go for the vintage red color because I loved the shade and the name was perfectly in tune with the scope of the design. 

A woman stands in a red sweater
Photo Credit: Constance Caddell

It was a joy working with this yarn. The vivid color was consistent throughout the skein. Additionally, the weight and smoothness of the yarn was uniform throughout the creation of this garment. The yarn produced a lovely lightweight finish with a beautiful drape. This beautiful drape is most likely attributed to the alpaca content. I can see myself reaching for this light fingering yarn for future projects as it worked perfectly with this garment.

The construction of this design is seamless with short rows being used for shaping. While I would classify it as an easy knit, it does require attention for that beautiful yoke detail. Once the yoke detail is complete, the project transforms to the perfect relaxing knit with the stockinette body. A bonus for this project was that it required no sleeve knitting!

A woman stand in a red sweater
Photo Credit: Constance Caddell

Once the knitting was complete, I used VeryPinkKnits’ Simple Stretchy Bind Off for the hem, cuffs, and neckline. It is very important to use a stretchy bind off for this project—especially for the hem and neckline. Otherwise, I guarantee you that you will not be able to get the garment over your head. This was a fun stretchy bind off and I was surprised at how neat it looked. Efficient and neat! That makes my heart sing. I think I may have found my new go-to stretchy bind off.

A red sweater being knitted
Photo Credit: Constance Caddell

I gave the garment a full 15-minute soak. I used about a nickel size of Soak wash solution in the scent of fig (my fave) and filled the sink with cold water. After the full soak, I gently wringed out the excess water. Next, I wrapped the garment in a towel and stood on it to get out any further excess water. Finally, I allowed for it to dry overnight on the mat.

Two bundles of red yarn next to a pattern
Photo Credit: Constance Caddell

I am looking forward to pairing this blouse with my skirts and pants, layered over my dresses, and layered under my cardigans. It is a garment that works for many seasons and I know that I will be wearing it throughout the year. It is truly versatile. Overall, I am super happy with my Rizzo Blouse! It is the perfect addition to my wardrobe.

If you would like to follow Constance and her knitting adventures, you can find her on Instagram and follow her Facebook Page!

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  • Oct 27, 2020

    Thanks for the level of detail in this write up! It’s really helpful. You achieved a fabulous fit – did you make any mods to the pattern?

    — Julie

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