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Aly's Closet Core Sienna Maker Jacket

Closet Case Patterns Sienna Maker Jacket was my first project sewing my own lapels. I was very drawn to this pattern as it is inspired off of vintage French workwear. This jacket is simply amazing! The giant side pockets are the perfect places to carry around my crafting supplies anywhere I want and the overall elegance of the jacket design makes it a unique piece to wear out and about.

Women standing in front of a chalkboard, knitting wearing a Denim Black jacket, orange jumper with a white t-shirt.  The women's hair dyed in black/purple ombre is in a bun on the top of her head.

Pattern: Closet Case Patterns-Sienna Maker Jacket
Materials used: Pacific Blue Denims in Royo Denim Black, Robert Kaufman Chambray Dot in Burgundy, and embroidery floss.
Modifications: Added lining to the sleeves and pockets in the Chambray Dot fabric.
Size Made: 6 View B

Women wearing Royo Denim Black jacket facing a chalkboard looking over her left shoulder with her handing holding the collar.

I picked the Royo Denim Black as the main fabric because something as casual as denim combined with having a dark, elegant color really appealed to me. After checking out Instagram for some inspiration, I decided to add some of the Burgundy Chambray Dot as an accent fabric. I also tried my hand at some simple freehand embroidery on the small upper pocket and it really added a personal signature to the jacket that I’m proud of!

Demin Jacket laying flat showing the second fabric selection in a light maroon for the inside pocket, cuff and an orange detail on the outside pocket.

My original intention was to use the chambray fabric as the under lining to the collar so it would be a small accent to the jacket as a whole. Admittedly I misread the pattern and cut the collar pieces incorrectly making the chambray now the outer upper collar. I just decided to accept my misunderstanding as a design choice and continued forward! Because of this, I not only made my own bias tape to finish the collar facing edges, but also lined the sleeves and pockets to make sure the collar didn’t look too out of place. Now I can’t picture this jacket without the visible burgundy chambray pieces!

Women standing on a city sidewalk in a Denim Black jacket with Burgundy accents.  Standing facing the camera and smiling.

Overall this pattern and fabric were extremely easy to work with! I didn’t worry about any size adjustments and it really evolved into a lovely piece! After breaking the seal on these lapels, I’m ready to look to make more projects that involve them!

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  • May 12, 2020

    Gloria – this response is from Aly: Awww thanks! I did make mine according to the sizing directions and didn’t make any adjustments.

    Becky, we will pass along your thoughtful comment!

    — Fancy Tiger Crafts

  • May 12, 2020

    This jacket is spectacular! I visited the shop yesterday and my daughter asked if I would make her the shorter version, C, in denim with contrast just as you did. Your finishing was really, really beautiful. I’ll strive to make mine as beautiful on the inside as I hope the outside to be. I am a bit curious about sizing. The jacket appears to be quite boxy. Did you make your usual size?

    — Gloria Smith

  • Feb 04, 2020

    your jacket is gorgeous!

    — becky

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