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Danielle's Closet Case Ginger Jeans

I started this pair of Ginger Jeans during our annual Summer Sewing Challenge, but my list of projects ended up being a bit too ambitious & I didn’t finish these before the deadline. I had hoped to replace a pair of super stretchy ready-made jeans from Athleta (I call them my Chuck Norris pants because I can kick/jump/climb/hike in them) that I practically live in, so I set out to challenge myself with this pattern.

Danielle walking down stairs in front of a building with a large wood door.  Danielle is wearing denim jeans and an ocean blue peacoat.

Pattern: Closet Case Ginger Jeans
Materials used: Closet Case Zipper Fly Hardware Kit, Cone Denim (but I should have used Super Stretch Denim), Kylie & the Machine “Made” tag, Power Mesh from stash (but we have a few colors).
Modifications: used Power Mesh for lining instead of cotton fabric, moved zipper over, & placed pockets higher & further in.
Size Made: 10 View B

I definitely learned a lot while making these! Namely, that I should label the fabric in my stash with the correct information. I picked a denim that I thought had more stretch than it actually did, which to be honest, has left me not wearing them as much as I thought I would…and definitely didn’t give me another pair of Chuck Norris jeans. The denim I used, although gorgeous, ended up being a cone denim with no stretch, so it’s a bit stiff around the knees when I try to sit down (emphasis on trying… it’s a bit comical).

Photograph showing a person sitting on a cement wall with legs hanging over.  The person is wearing denim jeans and a ocean blue peacoat.

Despite my fabric choice, I thought the pattern was really good, & especially loved that Closet Case has a Ginger Jeans Sewalong in their blog archives that helped me answer questions that I didn’t even know I would have! I followed the suggestions on the blog to move the zipper over so I could avoid any zipper-peeking while wearing them & on pocket placement, and then used the Hardware Kit from Closet Case for all the finishes so I wouldn’t have to find all the pieces myself.

Photography close-up on a women wearing a white shirt and denim jeans with her hands in her pockets.

My absolute favorite part of these jeans though, is the Power Mesh lining (idea borrowed from that favorite pair of jeans that I mentioned). The mesh was a bit squirrely at times (mainly the waistband), but I really love the look and feel. It’s light and airy instead of sweaty, gently supports and also keeps my muffin top from popping out (woo-hoo!). The pop of color is really fun too, even though I’m the only one that sees it.

Demin jeans laying flat, folded on a white background.  The zipper is unzipped, folded back to show the yellow mesh lining with a custom label.

All in all, I will definitely make another pair (using the right fabric), and I think I’ll finally get my Chuck Norris pants.

Women smiling looking at the camera, walking down a city street wearing denim jeans and an ocean blue peacoat.

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