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Christina's Waxed Canvas Woodland

I have now made three Klum House bags, but I particularly love the Woodland Dopp Kit. I was initially intimidated to work with the waxed canvas, because I usually work with lighter weight fabric. But honestly, it was a dream! It sews beautifully and you never need to press (actually you aren't supposed to press, because it will melt the wax). Waxed Canvas dopp kit is perfect for travel sewing supplies
Pattern: Woodland Dopp Kit 
Fabric: Waxed Canvas 
Other supplies: Woodland Finishing Kit 

The Klum House patterns are really easy to follow; the instructions are well written and the illustrations are really helpful. The first time I make something, I try my best to trust the designer and follow the instructions exactly, but I am thinking of "going rogue" for the next bag. I'm probably going to use a heavy striped fabric, like tickingHand sewn waxed canvas dopp kit
The tricks I found helpful in making these bags were to make sure to sew with a size 14-16 needle, the edge stitch foot works really well when hemming pockets, make sure you have the right tools when installing your hardware and matching thread is your best friend.
Woodland Dopp Kit by Klum House

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