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Christina Makes Us All Citrus With Envy In Her Cuff Dress

This is an image of a woman wearing a yellow dress standing in front of an orange wall.

Pattern name & designer: Cuff Dress by The Assembly Line
Size made: Medium
Materials used: River Tencel in Citrus, Soft Waistband Elastic 40mm, lightweight fusible interfacing and 1 pretty button of my own
Modifications: I shortened the waist of the bodice by 3” because I am short waisted and like my waistlines to hit a little higher than my true waist. I shortened the sleeves 2”. And I used 40mm elastic instead of 30mm.

 I was interested in this project because I love summer dresses and I loved the wide elastic waist and cuffs on this design. The Assembly Line patterns are very appealing because of the line's Scandinavian Minimalist designs and high-quality patterns. Who can resist? 

This is an up close photo of a the elastic waist of a yellow dress

I feel like elastic is a way to add some interesting drape to garments. As stated in the modifications above, I shortened the waist of the bodice by 3” because I am short waisted. I used 40mm elastic instead of 30mm to give it a slightly chunkier look. 

This is a photograph of the waist and back details of a woman wearing a yellow dress

I found the dress pretty easy to put together, except I struggled a bit with the neck facing in the back. I finally got it to lay flat, but it took some convincing. The fabric drapes beautifully, but was a little challenging to work with, as drapey fabric can be. It was worth it and as I tell my sewing students, “Don’t get into a fight with beautiful drapey fabric. It will win!” I plan to wear this dress to some semi-dressy events scheduled this summer. And I LOVE this color!

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  • Feb 16, 2023

    Oh my gosh thank you for sharing this. I have just struggled through the facing on this dress also, I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I was also tripping up over how to understitch my facing all the way round as it got a bit tight around the corners where the button and loop sit. I’ve made a similar key hole back dress using a merchant and mills dress and don’t remember it being so hard.

    — Lisa

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