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Christina Explores The Fielder Top In Linen



Pattern Name and Designer: -Merchant & Mills Fielder Top
Size Made: 12
Materials used (fabric, notions, kits, etc.): Brownie Linen Yarn Dye and Coral Dip Rib Trim


I was interested in making the Merchant & Mills Fielder Top the first time I saw the pattern. Then when the Merchant & Mills Rib Trims came in, I knew it really had to happen!


I started with the rib trims and found a fabric that I thought looked really good with them. I love the slight color contrast of the rib trims with the fabric and I think it makes this garment really interesting. Putting this top together was pretty easy since it's a simple silhouette.

This shirt really just needs some bust darts, raglan sleeves and the trim to finish the neckline, bottom and sleeves to create a simple but classic look. The materials were a dream to work with. I have decided to embrace the linen wrinkle, so I don't even press this top before wearing it! Even though it's late in the season, I love wearing this piece as the perfect fall top.


I love all things Merchant & Mills! The minimalist silhouettes and beautiful fabrics really speak to me. They are usually my favorite patterns and fabrics. And they just came out with some really beautiful sewing books that I had to have as well!

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  • Feb 08, 2022

    Inspiring ;)

    — Lee

  • Dec 15, 2021

    Hi Diana, Christina here. Thank you for your kind words! And to answer your question, I did not make the pants. They are store bought from COS.

    — Christina Patzman

  • Dec 15, 2021

    Top is great, share all your thought on merchant & mills, the precision of her work is so spot on. However, I must ask… did you make the pants? Those pockets are killer and if there’s a pattern for them out there I would really regret not asking for the designer and name. No rush, I know y’all are in the thick of holidays.

    Thank you and congratulations on the coop!

    Diana Madden

    — diana

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