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Check out (ha!) the combination of checkerboard textures in the Saltbox Tee from Blueprints for Sewing! I had never sewn with one of their patterns before, but I was blown away by their precision and planning. The directions were clear with many illustrations to guide me. Blueprints for Sewing has such a clear and consistent style - the blue ink looks like blueprints and even the variations for their patterns on their website are called renovations. So perfectly thought out - I was charmed at every step.

Miranda's Check Saltbox Top

Pattern: Saltbox Tee from Blueprints for Sewing
Materials: 3/4 yards each of 2.5" Cotton + Steel Woven Gingham and Stretch Gingham Black & White
Size Made: G/H, tee version
Modifications: took 2" off the hem, but didn't change side vent

Miranda's Check Saltbox Top

Sharp Pointed Neckline

I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone on this one. I loved the little gingham so much, but what to put it with?  It took some counseling and support from Kaylee and the other tigers, but the choice was clear - the biggest gingham! The scale of the two together is really cool.  I'm so glad I went out on a limb! I know this will pair well with many other items in my wardrobe. 

Back of Miranda's Saltbox Shirt

Working with gingham and plaids is easier than you might think. Be extra careful when laying out your fabric - since the pattern is woven into the fabric, its lines are true to each other and to the selvedge. It was not worth the effort for the small check, but it worked out like a dream for the large check.  When cutting, think ahead to what points in the pattern will be sewn together. For example, on the sides, I made note of the notch and lined up a corner of the large check on each side.  Trust your fabric instincts!

Pattern Matching on Miranda's Saltbox Tee

The Saltbox is so fun to make! I can imagine more of these, maybe in a two-sided fabric with the different sides as the contrast and main fabrics. Double gauze? Chambray?  Oooh... a scrappy quilty one!

Blueprints for Sewing Saltbox Tee


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  • Jun 16, 2017

    So cute but not too cutesy! This would be cool in mixed Liberty prints! Great job and you look fab in this!

    — JennyV

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