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Caitlin's Lovely Landers

Pants (everyday pants and not just loungewear) have been on my to-sew list for a long time (years, maybe?), and our recent staff Summer Sewing Challenge was just the nudge I needed to make my dream a reality.  I loved True Bias' Lander Pant pattern the moment it was released, but I'm often too quick to say "oh, that's so cute, but it wouldn't work for my body type".  After seeing so many successful Landers around, I figured I might as well give it a try.  Meet - my new favorite pants!

Caitlin Vannoy in her True Bias Lander Pants

Pattern: Lander Pant by True Bias, View B
Fabric: 3 yards Ventana Twill, Dark Navy
Size Made: 22
Modifications: Graded 2 sizes up from pattern, shortened by 1", shortened front rise, omitted back pockets

True Bias Lander Pants in Ventana Twill

My first task was to grade the pattern up.  I'm used to FBAs but had never attempted grading a pattern up completely. With a helpful article from The Curvy Sewing Collective, the task wasn't too difficult and went along quickly. I quickly sewed up some shorts as a muslin, but purely to check that the pattern would fit around my body.  I could see there were some things to address, but forged ahead with my twill and figured I'd just see how things went. 

Caitlin in her Navy Blue Lander Pants

I should have addressed the fit issues then and there, but things still went smoothly.  My main adjustment was to lower the front rise because it was sitting so much higher than the back. I also re-drafted the waistband. I added side seams to the waistband to separate the front and back pieces. I re-drafted a curved piece for the back waistband only but kept the front pieces straight. And because of all of those changes, the width of the waistband was cut in half, seam allowances added, and finished with a waistband facing.

Detail of the buttons on Caitlin's Lander Pants

As for construction, the Landers are a breeze to sew! It certainly helps to have someone available to help with fitting the side seams (thanks to all the Tigers who helped!).  

I made my Landers with the button fly because it seemed quickest and easiest for my first pair, but Kelli has an expansion pack for a zipper fly on her website if you're interested. Speaking of that button fly...a high waisted, wide-leg pant with a button fly is something I never thought I could pull off.  I figured I'd just cover it up with whatever shirt I'm wearing.  But I find myself wearing cropped tanks or sporting a French tuck (thanks, Tan France) and I feel GOOD. 

I certainly have some things to learn with pants fitting, but that won't stop me from wearing these Landers any chance I get.  

Comments on this post (2)

  • Jun 27, 2019

    Thank you for your post ! You look beautiful !!
    I fell in love with those pants from all the pictures I saw on the internet but also thought “not for my body type”
    I think I would also need to make a size 22 and you convinced me to give it a go.
    Thanks to people like you who take time to share their experiences, I feel a lot more confident trying new patterns.
    Keep the gook work.

    — Valérie

  • Aug 21, 2018

    You look great in them. Good work! It’s not easy to make pants that fit so well.

    — Debbie

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