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Lauren's BT Cable Quarry Cardigan

It's finally sweater season here in Denver! I have been waiting for months to break out my Snoqualmie cardigan I finished over the summer. A definite labor of love, this was one of my longest lasting projects to date. I am so excited it's finally finished and I can show it the love it deserves. 

Lauren Wright's Snoqualmie by Michele Wang

Pattern: Snoqualmie by Michele Wang
Size: 41 1/2
Materials: 10 skeins of Quarry in Moonstone
Modifications: None

Cables on Cables on Cables

I went through a pretty serious cable phase last year. I couldn't stop cabling! After I saw a customer come into the store wearing her own Snoqualmie I knew I had to make my own- no matter how intimidating it looked.

Lauren's Cabled Cardigan

The reason this project took so long to complete isn't necessarily because it's difficult. The cable pattern was easy to memorize after a few repeats and the overall shape was simple to construct. The pieces are knit individually and then seamed together before the collar construction. The time required to knit such a beast of a cardigan was so large and I got overwhelmed and put it down for months at a time.

Michele Wang's Snoqualmie Cardigan 

Eventually, I forced myself to pick this project up again and not touch anything else until it was done. I finished it in about a week! Turns out it doesn't take long to finish something when you actually work on it! 

I am so pleased with how this project turned out. I have already worn it multiple times since we started getting cooler weather. The weight of the Quarry makes the Snoqualmie as warm as it is beautiful.

 Cozy Snoqualmie

As always, Michele Wang is a cabling angel and her pattern is amazing. This is the perfect project for someone who loves a challenge with an awesome reward!

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