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Bob's Liberty Fairfield Button

Bob wearing his floral liberty of london shirt standing in front of a wooden doorway to a brick and bright red building.

Pattern: Thread Theory's Fairfield Button-Up
Fabric: Liberty of London Tana Lawn fabric
Modifications: The one big alteration that I made to this version was that I did not use a fusible interfacing.  Details are listed below in the journal.

This button up was a lot of fun to sew. Like many of the Fairfield’s I’ve sewn before, it was pretty straightforward. I have really enjoyed the Thread Theory patterns, and by now I have a familiarity with the pattern to really have fun while sewing it!

Bob wearing his long sleeved Fairfield floral shirt with his hands in his pockets, smiling at the camera.  Bob is standing in front of a wooden door of a brick building with accents of bright barn red brick.

This was my first time sewing with a lawn, and while it is a finer fabric, it is not that much more difficult than sewing with other woven fabrics. I needed to take a little more care as I sewed, particularly the flat felled seams, to insure that everything laid flat, but other than that, it was a joy to work with.

Bob wearing a floral shirt with his arms crossed showing the fabric.

The one big alteration that I made to this version was that I did not use a fusible interfacing. As I’ve washed some of my earlier versions, I’ve had a little bit of puckering and weirdness where the fusible interfacing is attached to the main fabric. This time around, I found a tutorial on using a lightweight fabric, like a plain lawn, and glue basting it in with a glue stick (that washes out completely!). This worked so well for me and I’m excited to use this method in the future to keep from getting any puckering while still getting the stability that interfacing gives.

Up close detail photograph of a Bob rolling up his floral long sleeve making a cuff.

At the end of the day, I’m super excited to wear this button up this spring and summer and enjoy its bright colors and lightweight feel!

Bob leaning up against an orange stucco building in jeans and his floral long sleeve shirt with the sleeves rolled up.  Bob is looking down to his left and laughing.

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  • Jul 01, 2020

    This makes me happy! Fantastic shirt!

    — Leslie J Axvig

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