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Bob's Golden Jedediah Shorts

I’ve made a few pairs of bottoms from the Jedediah Pants sewing pattern (including capris!). But with the summer heat setting in here in Denver, I knew I wanted another pair of shorts, and I knew I wanted them in a fun color for the summer.Bob's Hand Sewn Jedediah Pants as ShortsPattern: Jedediah Pants/Shorts by Thread Theory

Materials: Ventana Twill in Gold

Size: 38” waist, no adjustments to pattern other than adjusting final length to desired shorts lengthBob's Hand Sewn Jedediah Pants as Shorts

One of the things I enjoy most about making pants and shorts is having fun with the pocket and bias fabric I use to bind my seams. Because the fabric is mostly hidden on the inside, it is a fun detail that allows me to really enjoy the construction, and play with patterns and colors I don’t normally use in my garments! In this pair of shorts, I used a floral lawn that I had picked up a while ago from the store.Bob's Hand Sewn Jedediah Pants as ShortsOverall these shorts were pretty straightforward. Since I had made the pattern before, the only tricky bits were setting the fly (which is always a bit tricky!) and deciding on the final length. I’m very happy with these shorts and plan on wearing them throughout the rest of the summer!

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