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Beza's Charming X's Quilt

Beza stands in front of a blue wall holding her Charming Xs quilt. She is wearing a colorful quilted top and bright yellow shoes.

Beza is one of our local brand ambassadors focused on sewing. For more projects created by Beza, visit her Instagram at @bezawitd 

Instagram Handle: @Bezawitd
Pattern Name and Designer: Charming X's Quilt
Size Made: Baby
Materials Used: Left over scrap fabric from a previous project, Cotton Select Batting in the size craft, 1 yard quilting cotton in Ruby Star Society Speckled in Poinsettia Metallic, 2 yards Kobe Twill 6oz 

Modifications: Added a 3 inch strip at the bottom and top of quilt to both add length and to use up as much of the material as possible  

I picnic a lot and I’ve been meaning to make myself a small quilt to throw down whenever! Twill is a bit unconventional for a quilt backing but I chose to go with it as it is durable and tends to collect less than traditional cotton backing would in this application.

This is a close up image of Beza sitting on her Charming Xs quilt, which is laid out on a grassy lawn. She holds a small bouquet of purple flowers in her hands.

I love quilted garments but shy away from quilts because I don’t always have the patience for matching up my corners and all that good stuff. I cheated a bit and made my quilt face into strips and quilted and pieced together the quilt in one step. This made it go by really quick but I did miss a tiny end piece I had to go back and fix. I chose to bind with the twill which was great until I got to the corners. It was simply too much material to get into a neat corner. This is how I landed on the corner details. One corner is the same as a pattern you’d use as a fabric bookmark and the other three are free hand caps I made.   Besides the corner the materials were a dream to work with. And if I were to do the project again I would likely use the same materials and just plan to do corner caps instead of having to trim down the bulk. I used a straight stitch on my machine with no special equipment. You could use a walking foot for when you quilt but I didn’t find the need to as I quilted and pieced at the same time. 

Beza stands in front of a blue wall holding her Charming Xs quilt high up so that only her eyes are visible.

These are probably all my favorite colors all on one quilt! This is also the first quilt I have done that isn’t going to be cut into garment pieces. The scrap fabric I used was what I had left over from a quilted pullover that I made over a year ago. It’s one of those pieces I put on and am instantly in a good mood. I’m so glad I have a piece of that quilted pullover in this quilt! 

Beza stands in front of a blue wall holding her Charming Xs quilt. Her face is looking to the side with a wide smile, she is wearing a colorful quilted top and bright yellow shoes.

Overall, this quilt was so easy and quick to sew up. It’s probably going to live in my car as the blanket I reach for when I want to take a pit stop at the park to watch the sunset!

Beza sits on her Charming X's quilt that is laid out on a grassy lawn. She is looking up at the camera with a wide smile.

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