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Bethany's Fall Marlo Sweater

Instagram Handle: @the.creative.b
Pattern Name and Designer: Marlo Sweater, True Bias
Size Made: Size 10
Materials used (fabric, notions, kits, etc.): Bamboo/Cotton French Terry - Rust, Coffee Grounds Button 22mm, Janome Serger 8002D

Since starting my sewing journey last year I've pretty much only worked with cottons and linens, so I was eager to give knits a try. With fall fast approaching, I thought the Marlo Sweater would be a fun first knit project to tackle! I also recently took our Serger 101 class, which made the serger feel so much less intimating and I was excited to have an excuse to get more practice on it!

I was so surprised at how quick it was to whip out this sweater! The pattern itself has a small number of pieces to cut out, and the instructions made it very easy to assemble. The most nerve-wracking part about this garment was making sure the neckline was stretched properly so the fabric wouldn't gather unevenly. Luckily, I the found the notches marked on the pattern pieces extremely useful when it came to pinning the neckline in the right places and knowing when and where to stretch the fabric out. Overall, I was delighted at how fast this garment came together and found the process of making it very enjoyable and rewarding!

I found the Bamboo/Cotton French Terry super easy to work with. I was a little nervous about working with knits but I was pleasantly surprised at how breezy knits are to sew up! My mind is now buzzing with all the potential knit garments I can whip up now! I randomly stumbled upon the hashtag for this sweater on Instagram and was absolutely blown away at all the amazing and creative sweaters other sewists have made from this pattern. As someone who doesn't normally incorporate cardigans into their cold weather wardrobe, this pattern suddenly made me cardigan obsessed! I love that you can choose to have more of a cropped sweater as I feel that length is more more flattering on me and goes with most of the outfits I wear. I really love how True Bias is a locally owned and operated pattern company. Although this is their first pattern I have sewn up, I'm eager to dive into more of their patterns after this project.


I think this garment is so versatile and can honestly be used for any season. During the cold months, I see this piece being a great layering piece - I'm totally planning on pairing this with the (many) pairs of overalls I own and a light weight mock neck top. During the warmer months, I'll definitely be throwing this in my bag so I'll be prepared for any chilly indoor spaces and when it cools down in the evening.


I found using a serger made this project go super quick, however it is certainly not necessary. One could easily use their standard sewing machine to whip this up and zig zag the edges and still make this sweater in one or two sittings. One product you'll definitely need to have on hand to complete this project is some fabric stabilizer. It was pretty much impossible to insert the button holes without the stabilizer as the knit fabric wouldn't glide through the foot properly and would cause the thread to get bunched up and knotted.

Fall has always been my favorite season and the rust color of the knit is a staple color for the approaching season. With the temperatures just starting to dip, this project has kickstarted my excitement for the autumn weather and festivities!

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  • Oct 28, 2022

    It was great to meet you at the store. This sweater is perfect for you. I love the comments about the construction of your sweater. I’m looking forward to seeing what you make next.

    — Ruth Ross

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