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Autumnal Briochealicious

Fall is (basically) here and it's time for amazing knitted scarves to make an appearance. Kelly and Lauren are showing us how fall shawls are meant to be done with the Briochealicious shawl by Andrea Mowry. It is the perfect debut of cozy fall knits, the perfect introduction to brioche stitch and has endless color possibilities. Both these talented ladies took this amazing, versatile pattern and made a shrine of fall colors.

Lauren's Shawl

Pattern: Briochealicious by Andrea Mowry
Materials: Madelinetosh Light in
Antler (2 skeins), Nutmeg (1 skein), Nightbloom (1 skein), Saffron (1 skein) 
Modifications: None 

I have to start by saying that Andrea Mowry is a knitting wizard. She consistently (and often!) puts out amazing patterns with well-written instructions in modern styles. I have made several of her designs and I've never been disappointed. The Briochealicious is no exception. She includes several resources on learning the tricks of brioche and helps beginners feel confident about tackling a new technique. 

This shawl was my first venture into brioche and I was slightly nervous to try something that seemed so complicated. I was relieved to discover that I was worried over nothing. There are some great YouTube tutorials (Like this one and this one) that provide a little visual assistance if you are feeling nervous like I was. Once you get the hang of it, the rest is a breeze.

Briochealicious is comprised of alternating sections of brioche and garter stitch. The garter sections are great for some mindless knitting after completing a brioche block. The shawl definitely grows so I would suggest using a 40" circular needle for this project. The final sections are mighty so give yourself ample space for your stitches.

This is definitely my favorite and most-loved scarf that I've ever made. I wear it constantly and it's always my first recommendation for someone wanting to try brioche for the first time. It's the perfect fall project!

Kelly's Shawl
Pattern: Briochealicious by Andrea Mowry
Materials: Madelinetosh Light in
Antler (2 skeins), Nutmeg (1 skein), Oak (1 skein), Big Sur (1 skein)
This was my first attempt at learning the brioche stitch, and while it seemed daunting at first, once I got the hang of it I couldn't put this project down!
The brioche stitch is a really fun way to create a vertical striped effect while working two (sometimes more) colors at a time. There are multiple ways of working the brioche stitch, and I found this shawl to be a great teacher in helping me to understand the composition of this multi-dimensional pattern. 
Madelinetosh yarn is a personal favorite of mine, and I chose this rich color palate to reflect the hues of our fast approaching Colorado Fall. Even at just a single ply, this fingering weight yarn carries incredible saturation, variegation, and intense color that only high-quality hand-dyed yarn can. It is always a pleasure to work with!
The secret beauty of the brioche stitch is in the contrasting reverse image on the opposite side of the fabric. Each color gets equal spotlight as the shawl twists and turns, creating a gorgeous flow and depth in what is truly a striking yet simple garment.
I am so excited for the skills and confidence I was taught through the process of knitting up the Briochealicious... my next brioche adventure has already been cast onto my needles!

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