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Amber's Planet-friendly Palisade Pants-jamas

I soon as I saw the Papercut Palisade Pants - with tailored legs, yet pajama-esque elastic waist - I was excited to try the pattern out. I usually feel most comfortable and myself in pants, and I don't know why I haven't sewn very many! The unique pocket design sent them right to the top of my sewing list.

A full shot of Amber's Palisade Canvas Pants
Pattern: Papercut Palisade Pants 
Fabric: 2 1/4 yards Lightweight Duck in Granite, 1/2 yard lightweight cotton interfacing, 2/3 yard of 2" elastic
Size made: Medium
Modifications: Let out the backside seam a bit for more room.

I'm very excited to share this project with you this Earth Day week, because these pants are particularly planet-friendly!Cool pockets on Amber's lightweight duck Palisade Pants
I chose Pickering Lightweight Duck Cloth, a beautiful recycled hemp and organic cotton fabric. Pickering's recycled fibers are collected from manufacturing overruns, garment cutting scraps, and rejected fabrics from different mills and factories. These materials are sorted, shredded, then blended with new fibers before being re-milled into their beautiful fabrics. Pickering makes some of my favorite garment fabrics from a mix of ethically grown, certified organic fibers and these fibers otherwise destined for landfill.

The duck cloth is a great weight for pants, not too heavy yet crisp enough to give the pants a tailored feel. The multicolor flecks of recycled hemp give it a subtle tweedy texture.Front view of Amber's Palisade Pants patternMy Palisade pants came together easily and quickly on a leisurely afternoon. The pattern sets itself at an intermediate or "skilled" level, but I would say they are pretty beginner friendly. The fly-front is a faux fly, and the seams are simple and straight, with basic topstitching.

Once I assembled my pants I realized I could use a bit more room in the backside. I let out the seam as much as I could, and that was just enough to work out alright for me, as far as widthwise fit. The back waist pulls down slightly, so next time I sew them, I might try Colletes's full butt adjustment for a perfect fit on my apparently voluptuous derrière.Back view of Amber's Palisade Pants sewing patternBut, back to the planet...Papercut Patterns is doing their part to take care of our ecosystem, with an aim to use 100% recycled and recyclable paper in their patterns and packaging. Thanks for making cute patterns and caring about our planet, Papercut!Palisade Pants paper pattern from Fancy Tiger CraftsI really love my new pants. They make me feel like I'm ready to take care of business, while also secretly wearing pajamas. Business pants-jamas!Amber's hand-sewn duck cloth Palisade Pants

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