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Amber's Nautical Hat

I was recently introduced to several knitting designers via the conversation about racism and diversity currently happening in the knitting community. I'm grateful that this conversation is highlighting some of the amazing talent from BIPOC designers in our community. 

Red Nautical Hat

Pattern: Nautical Hat by Nathan Bryant
Materials: 1 skein Brooklyn Tweed Quarry in Garnet

Jared wearing Nathan Bryant's Nautical HatOne of the patterns that caught my eye was the Nautical Hat by Nathan Bryant. It is the perfect warm hat for stylish fisherfolk. The hat immediately made me think of one of my favorite fishing pals, my brother Jared. He is often heading out to frozen lakes, camping and fishing in the mountains. He is definitely an appreciator of a good wool hat. 

Jared wearing the red BT Quarry Nautical Hat Amber knit for him

The Nautical Hat pattern is simple stitches worked up in bulky yarn, a quick project that would be great for a beginner knitter. The design uses the natural curling tendency of stockinette stitch in the best way. 

Side/Back view of the Nautical Hat

The reverse stockinette bottom of the hat curls both upward at the top and inward at the bottom, creating the look of a rolled brim, but rolling the bottom of the hat to the inside. You can wear the hat more toward the crown of your head, or if you need more warmth you can pull the hat further down to keep your ears cozy. 

Nautical Hat

Once I finished the hat, I tried it on myself's a really great hat! Unfortunately, I had already promised it to this guy. I'm not too sad though--it looks great on him and look how happy he is in it. I suppose I'll just need to make it again for myself!

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