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Amber's Minty Macramé Double Plant Hanger

I’m right on track with pandemic hobby trends—my "growing" obsession with houseplants means I’m running out of horizontal surfaces to fill with new planty friends. If you, too, have become enamored with all things leafy and green, then have I got a craft recommendation for you!! Hey, hey, macramé!

An intricate, minty green macramé plant hanger hangs near a large window, flooded with natural light. Behind is a warm, red brick wall. The plant hanger has two tiers, accented with a few large wooden beads in the knotted pattern. The top tier holds a compact, curly leafed, deep green plant, the bottom tier holds a long tendrilled, draping, wax ivy plant.


Pattern: Flora Plant Hanger from Macramé: The Craft of Creative Knotting, by Fanny Zedenius
Materials: one cone of 3mm Modern Macramé Cotton Cord (shown in color Mint), two 4-pack 1" Wooden Beads, one 3" Wooden Ring


Close up of a mint green, macramé plant hanger, showing the upper section. The top knots of the macramé hanger are attached to a chunky wooden ring, and from there, spiraling knots move down the hanger in four sections. Each section is accented with a wooden bead before splitting to create a knotted web and coming together again to cradle a plant pot. Inside is a curly-leafed, deep green plant.


To get started on my newest craft, I delved headfirst into Macramé by Fanny Zedenius, learning the basic knots while making this amazing double tiered plant hanger. The pattern calls for eight large beads, and two packs of our 1" wooden beads were perfect for this project. I also love the warmth and coordinating effect of the wooden ring for the top of the plant hanger!


In front of a sun drenched window hangs a two-tiered, mint green macramé plant hanger, holding a pair of draping plants—one over the other. The border of the window is painted with quilt blocks and craft supplies, the turquoise painted imagery lit up from the sun. Outside you can see the bright neighborhood street outside of Fancy Tiger Crafts—a bare tree ready to begin budding in the early spring, Hope Tank and Barry's pub across the street.


With one spool of 3mm Cotton Rope (500 meters) I was able to make this double plant hanger. I had lots of cord left over, so then, with my newfound knowledge, I made up a simple, single-tier plant hanger for a friend. With even more cord leftover, I’m pretty sure I can get another small plant hanger out of the one spool! Holy moly, that's a lot of plant hangers.

The bottom of a mint green macramé plant hanger, a large central knot firmly holds the bottom of a plant pot, then several inches of cord is wrapped tightly, before a foot or so of brushed out cord dangles to finish off the bottom of the plant hanger. Around this final tassel section a tangle of healthy wax ivy vines float in the air from the plant that the plant hanger holds.


I’m now totally hooked on making plant hangers with my newfound macramé craft love, which means I can justify bringing home more plants! I'm also look forward to making some of the other projects in this book: decorative pillows, table runners, wall hangings—and I especially want to make the long, luxurious macrame curtain, which I will use as a door to hide the chaos of my little laundry room!


The two-tiered macramé hanger in mint green hangs in the bright front window of Fancy Tiger Crafts. to the left is the tidy cutting table with yarn swift where staff cut fabrics and prepare purchases. On the red brick wall behind the counter hangs a sign: "We welcome all races, all religions, all countries of origin, all sexual orientation, all genders, all abilities. We stand with you. You are safe here."


These two plant beauties were purchased from our neighbors down the street, Rosehouse Botanicals. If you are in need of some greenery in your indoor surroundings, I highly recommend you visit them and pick up some plants. Then come by to see us for some macramé supplies to make your new buds a cozy hanging home!

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