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Amber's Lopi Sweater Just In Time For Fall

A pop of sunshine yellow is just what I've been needing in my winter wardrobe. In high school, my favorite sweater came from the thrift store and was the most vibrant hue of egg-yolk yellow. I've wanted to recreate the joy that sweater brought me. I found the perfect happy color in one of my favorite yarns, the Icelandic Lopi lace weight wool, Einband. I was aiming for a classic, streamlined rib-knit style, so hue could take center stage. 
Yarn: Istex Einband in Citron, 7 balls
Size: M1
Modifications: I narrowed the neckline and extended collar to create a more fitted, mock neck.
This is an image of Amber wearing a yellow sweater standing in a yellow Aspen grove with her dog Beatrix, a English Sheepdog
Ankestrik's Birthday pattern is exactly the timeless shape I was going for, except for the tiny detail that I really wanted a higher neck. After looking for the perfect pattern for a while, I decided that Birthday was SO close to what I wanted—I just needed to figure out how to modify the neckline to suit my sweater dream. (At the end of this post, find details on exactly how I altered the neckline!)
 This is a detail shot of Amber and her yellow sweater's neckline.
You might question my choice to make a brioche, lace-weight, slightly oversized, extra-long sleeve and high-necked sweater. Maybe I just REALLY love knitting? I mean, I DO really love knitting. I also found this epic knit to be wonderfully meditative, and repetitive in the best, most comforting way. I found myself not trying to rush through the process, but savoring it. It also helped that I knit it over the summer and I wasn't anxious to finish it during the heat of the season. I just leaned into the stitching and really enjoyed the process. 
This is a side view of a yellow sweater knitted by Amber. She is wearing it outside in a yellow Aspen grove. Now that fall colors are here, though, I'm so happy to have wrapped up this epic sweater project so I can wear it everywhere all the time!
The finished half-brioche fabric is so light and breathable, and yet so squishy and warm! It's the most amazing texture and weight. I'm in love with this golden beauty of a sweater. I'm sure it will bring me as much joy as the old yellow sweater I've been feeling nostalgic for. 
This is sleeve detail of Amber's yellow sweater.
This is a photo of the back view of Amber's yellow sweater.
Modification notes: For those of you who might want to make the pattern with a higher  neckline like mine, here are all the nerdy details!
In preparation to make a higher neckline, subtract 16 sts from the cast-on number of sts for your size.
After casting on, work the collar rounds, repeating them until the collar measures 2.5". 
When "Placing Raglan Markers" (to make up for the missing 16 stitches): Subtract 4 sts from the stitch count between BOR and pRM1, follow pattern to pRM4, subtract 8 sts between pRM4 and pRM5, follow pattern to pRM8, subtract 4 sts from the stitch count between pRM8 and BOR.
After placing the raglan markers and before the "Rag Inc Rnd" of the "Yoke" section, do two rounds of increasing (increasing every 4th round) using the "Body Inc Rnd" as written a little further down the page. After you have worked the Body increase round twice (over 8 rounds), your stitch count will be correct to continue from the start of the "Yoke" section, and you will have finished your mock neckline!

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