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Amanda’s Summer Lander Pants

I have honestly lost track of how many Lander Pants I have made, but I always seems to come up with excuses to make more. For this pair, I was aiming for a summer jean: zip front, high waist, cropped and in a versatile mid-tone blue. And the end result did not disappoint!Amanda's summer lander pants

Pattern: Lander Pants by True Bias and a Grainline Studio Alder Shirtdress Hack
Fabric: 10oz Bleach Indigo Wash Denim
Mods: Zipper fly (using the zipper fly expansion pattern) & interior pockets

This pattern is actually a great place to get started sewing pants. The instructions for the button fly front are clear and manageable, and the expansion pack provides instructions for the zipper front, which is truly not very mysterious. And bonus: you don’t have to install all those jeans buttons (although that’s not anything to be scared of either).Amanda's lander pants in front of barn wall

I love denim, just in general, but it’s such a good pick for the Lander Pants because of the fabric’s innate give. Our Ventana Twill is also a great option; it just doesn’t have as much natural stretch to it. This mid-weight denim from Robert Kaufman stretches just enough as you wear it and has a bit of drape for a slightly less structured look. It’s also pretty breathable for denim. Do not get hung up on the "making jeans" thing: these are just pants made in denim fabric. Less intimidating that way!
Amanda's handsewn jeans with zip fly in front of barn wall
A word on fit: I’ve made the Landers a few times so I know how to fit them to my body. But the pattern is also kind of genius: there’s an extra 1” seam allowance on each outer side edge for you to play with. Essentially, you baste the side seam until you get your desired fit, then attach the waistband.
Amanda's lander pants jeans hand sewing pattern
The original pattern uses utility style patch pockets, but I used the instructions for interior pockets hack from True Bias and I love the effect: between the zipper fly and the conventional pockets, they look like totally different pants!
Amanda's hand sewn lander pants

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  • Aug 05, 2019

    I love these pants as you have made them! They look great and your description of options and your choices is really helpful. I hope to tackle these as my first pants pattern sometime…. soon….

    — Sally

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