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Alsn's Brome Tunic

When Amber showed me her new Brome pattern I was super excited about the gathered yoke and the cuffs on the sleeves.  Both of these elements captured something feminine and casually vintage that I usually go for when I buy clothes, so I was eager to try making them myself!  I picked this powder blue floral linen because it matched the vintage quality I wanted to steer the pattern towards, and I was super happy with the result!

 Alsn in her cropped Brome

Pattern: Brome, View B by Amber Corcoran
Materials: Vintage Linen Floral (sold out, but this would be a great replacement)
Size Made: 18/20
Modifications: Raised the hem by a good amount to give me a bit more leg. =)

Sleeve Detail on Alsn's Powder Blue Linen Floral Brome

I love the balance of this fabric and the way it drapes just enough, but still holds structure to give that poof in the sleeve and the bell of the tunic.  When measuring myself I didn't fit the pattern sizes exactly (Who does?), so I cut the yoke out at a size 18, and the rest of the pieces out at size 20, and they fit perfectly when I sewed them altogether!  After the garment was mostly together, I tried it on and the length didn't look quite right on me, so I figured out exactly how short I could go before the pockets poked out of the bottom, and cut it at that point.  If you decided to go for a cropped tunic like me, I highly recommend sewing the bottom of your pocket flap to the hem of your dress  so that the pocket doesn't peek out of the bottom like cut-off jean shorts.

Back Yoke Gathering Detail on Alsn's Brome

The best moment for me while sewing this dress was when I working on the sleeve hole plackets and my brain simply couldn't wrap around them and how they would work, but I stopped overthinking, and just had faith in the pattern.  I was certain it wasn't going to work because I'd never seen this construction before, but nooooo, Amber's genius strikes again!  I learned a new construction on this pattern and broadened my skills, so I'm doubly glad I decided to sew it up.  Looking very much forward to wearing this around town!

Alsn's Brome out on the town

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  • Oct 18, 2021

    I love the tunic length! Thanks for the hint about how short you cut yours and sewing the pocket to the hem. I think I am going to try to make one myself!

    — Morgan

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