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Allison's Riverbend

When I first saw Amber knitting her Riverbend sweater, I had to know more. I loved the nubby texture of the resulting fabric and the grandpa chic shape of the sweater. Plus, only four skeins to make the cutest cardigan ever?! A bulky weight yarn from Brooklyn Tweed?! Sign me up!

Pattern name/designer: Riverbend by Julie Hoover
Yarn: BT Quarry in Hematite only 4 skeins!
Size Made: 35"
Modifications: Stockinette side out

When I heard about the staff knit-a-long, I really wanted to participate and make this sweater, but I didn’t think I could finish in time for the deadline. Fortunately Kaylee, my powerhouse knitting co-worker and friend, thought she could finish it in time and offered to knit the sweater for me. That is an offer that is too good to pass up!

I had a tough time choosing between all the lovely colors of Quarry. The palette is gorgeous and very wearable, but I was able to narrow it down to either Lazulite or Hematite. How could I pick between a super saturated cobalt-blue- black and a deep red- black that seems to change colors in the light though? Honestly it was the color name that swayed me towards Hematite. Hematite (blood stone!), is one of my favorite stones so a sweater knit in Hematite was destined to be one of my favorite sweaters. 

The pattern is written to be knit reverse stockinette side out. I love the texture of Amber’s sweater, but I wanted to see what Riverbend would be like stockinette side out. Luckily, the good people at Brooklyn Tweed anticipated that people might want to make that modification and they give you that option in the pattern. The results are fantastic. I love being able to see all the decrease stitches in the bulky yarn and having a bit smoother finish.

I love all of Julie Hoover's classic, easy-fitting patterns. They have great style, just enough detail and a natural simplicity that look great on. Quarry really shines in this type of pattern. The beautiful tweedy bits look great in a simple stitch, no embellishment necessary. Plus, after you wash this chunky yarn it softens up giving it an amazing drape and soft feel which makes this loose-fitting garment cling perfectly to the body.

I’ve always loved the antler buttons we have at Fancy Tiger, but I've never had an excuse to use them. The Riverbend cardigan is the perfect excuse to use a large and loud button because of the chunky gauge of the sweater. I couldn’t be happier with my new Riverbend and I will be wearing it all winter long with tights, boots and dresses. Thank you so much, Kaylee!

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