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Allison's Natural Hemp Adventure Tank

Each morning when I pick my outfits, I try to find the perfect balance of looking tough and looking cute. The muscle tank version of the Adventure Tank is my new go-to garment. Its relaxed fit effortlessly walks the line between cute and tough while keeping me comfortable and stylish on all my adventures.

Pattern: Fancy Tiger's Adventure Tank - Muscle Tee Version
Materials: 1 yard Hemp Jersey in Natural
Size Made: Small
Modifications: None!

I’ve been sewing with a lot of jersey lately (building a wardrobe of Wanderlust Tees!) and my absolute favorite to work with is the hemp jersey we have at Fancy Tiger. It is a wonderfully stable knit, presses like a dream and never seems to fight with the sewing machine. If you haven’t yet ventured into the world of knits, I would recommend Hemp jersey for your first go.

While I was sewing this tank I tried using a walking foot with the double needle for finishing the hem. The walking foot has a set of feed dogs on the presser foot and moves the fabric more evenly. This attachment prevents puckering and makes your finishing look professional! It is definitely worth a try if you have never used one before.

This Adventure Tank came together so quickly and easily that I’d love to make a bunch more. I’ve got my eyes on this stormy tie dye bamboo jersey and this delightfully drapey capri linen jersey. Only time will tell what I’ll choose, but I definitely see more Adventure Tanks in my future!

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