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Allison's Ikat Kalle Shirtdress

It’s always a joy to come back home and visit my dear friends at Fancy Tiger Crafts. I’m grateful that they still let me hang around and sew when I come back for breaks from school.  It’s so fun and exciting to see all the things my tiger pals have been up to and pet all the new fabrics that came in while I was away.  I was hard core crushing on Marta’s fabulous Kalle Shirt Dress and knew I wanted to stitch one up as soon as I got back to Denver. Then I saw this glorious black and blue ikat. A perfect storm of sewing magic was brewing!

Closet Case Design Kalle Shirtdress

Pattern: Kalle Shirtdress view C
Materials: 2.75 yards yarn dyed, woven Ikat Tulip
Size Made: 8
Modifications: none (surprisingly!)

Allison in her Ikat Kalle

My new Kalle Shirt Dress combines two of my fashion obsessions ikat and menswear detailing.  I am tempted to call this pattern “effortlessly chic” but that would do an injustice to all the effort I put into sewing it. Luckily, all my hard work sewing the garment paid off because every time I wear this dress I feel cute and stylish.

Backside of the Kalle Shirtdress

Initially, I was unsure about how long the back of the dress looked in pictures and illustrations of the garment, but I love this high-low hem, it’s a flattering cut. I’ll get many wears out of my new dress because the pattern is so versatile.  I’ll be wearing it all summer with sandals and sunglasses and I think it will layer beautifully with tights, boots, and a cardigan in cooler months.

Kalle Shirtdess Yoke

The direction I had the most trouble with was attaching the yoke using the “burrito method”  Because ikat is dyed before it is woven, both sides are patterned and there is no “right side" or “wrong side" of the fabric, which can make this set of directions a tad confusing. If I make another Kalle in a solid or an ikat print I’m definitely going to mark the sides so these directions go a bit smoother.  If you are having trouble with this step (or any other step, for that matter) of the Kalle shirt dress, Closet Case made a detailed and helpful sew along that will help you conquer any sewing challenge. Here’s a link for the "burrito method" that temporarily stumped me!

Allison's Stylish Kalle Shirtdress

Thanks again to all the fine folks at Fancy Tiger Crafts for letting me be all up in your business! Love you guys!

Kalle Shirtdress Collar Detail


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  • Jun 30, 2017

    Hello Maria,
    Allison’s beautiful shoes came from John Fluevog online!

    — Fancy Tiger Crafts

  • Jun 30, 2017

    Allison your dress is fabulous, but might I inquire about your shoes? Would love to know where you snagged them!

    — Maria

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