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Alicia Welcomes Spring In Her Cloudbow Peplum Top

Instagram Handle: @aliciaheard345
Pattern: Cloudbow by PomPom Magazine
Size: 6
Materials Used: 3 skeins of Farmers Daughter Oh Dang! in color way Fugitive
Modifications: The only modification that I made was that I didn’t do the rolled cuff for the sleeves and neck.  I wanted the sleeve to be tighter around my wrist at the cuff so I did a tighter cast off.  I used the same cast off on the neck that I did for the cuff. On the first try of my neck bind off I could not fit my sweater over my head.  I then sized up to the same size needles as the body of the sweater in order to make the cast off big enough to fit over my head. 


As soon as Fancy Tiger got the advanced copy of PomPom, I looked through the patterns with giddy excitement. I am so ready for spring, and the Cloudbow gives me all the spring feels. This knit has a very fun construction and is breeze to knit for the new to advanced knitter.  This is a very approachable lace weight project because of the lacy nature and that the body of the sweater is done on size 10.5 needles.  Additionally I love the fuzzy, lofty, and cloud-like nature of the lace weight yarn.  The project took me about 2 weeks to complete and I really enjoyed the quick progress. 

I plan to wear my Cloudbow sweater as a spring piece, but it can easily translate into a year round wardrobe stable as it has long sleeves and can be worn both as a dressy piece or as a more casual piece.  The Cloudbow pattern can be adapted to a variety of styles, as color choice can entirely change the mood of this garment.  Written into this pattern there is an option for a dress, or to place short sleeves on the dress or peplum option.  The sample peplum and dress in the PomPom Magazine are both done in stripes, so this project also have the possibility of being a stash buster if you have bits of fuzzy lace weight yarn in your stash, or skeins of a few different colors.  


The Cloudbow sweater really feels like a blank canvas to me, in the way that you can  choose your own knitting adventure.  The possibility of color choice, design elements, and vibe make this project so much fun.  I am so confident that if a hundred different knitters all make this project, there would be a hundred unique and beautiful sweaters.  I made the Cloudbow as an ode to spring, it is my hope that others find inspiration and enjoyment in this project too.

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  • Feb 22, 2023

    Hi Angie,

    Welcome, welcome! Are you local to Denver? If so, we’d love to help during our Knitting Help nights (check out the class calendar to see when these are), and if not, we might be able to help during one of our Virtual Craft Nights. Otherwise, we recommend reaching out to the pattern designer or checking the pattern notes of others that have completed the pattern (just message us if you need help finding those). The best explanation we’ve seen is on the Ravelry pattern description though!

    — Fancy Tiger Crafts

  • Feb 22, 2023

    I’m new to knitting and love this pattern. I’ve looked everywhere for help and don’t understand the side body and sleeves… Can you please explain this part? Thank you in advance!

    — Angie

  • Jun 30, 2022

    Beautiful! Cloudbow is such a fun pattern to knit!

    — Josey Annaleise

  • Apr 19, 2022

    It turned out really cute! And it looks so good on you. Love the color you chose.

    — Kim

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