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Alicia Finds Fit and Sustainability


Alicia Heard

Instagram: @aliciaheard345

Pattern:  Isabella by Brigitta Helmersson from Tauko issue 2

Size Made: I fell in between sizes, so made the size 1-5 range and modified in order for a bit more positive ease.

Materials used:   Roma Linen


As soon as I saw the Isabella dress from Tauko issue 2, I was immediately excited about making it.  I was drawn to this issue of Tauko in general because it features plus size models wearing the patterns. It always amps up my enthusiasm for sewing when I see it modeled on a person with a body type similar to mine. I have more confidence in the fit and the general out come of the make. The Isabella is casual, has a loose and comfortable fit, but trades nothing in style to achieve that comfort. The pattern can be either a dress or a top, and is done in a stylish color block technique. 


Not only is the finished garment lovely, but it has a revolutionary no waste design.  I am often frustrated by how many scraps of fabric are left on my craft room floor after cutting out a pattern. The Isabella is the answer to this frustration. I can absolutely testify that every bit of fabric is used in this design, and it feels so good! Even the pieces cut out for the neck hole are sewn into the bodice as a design element. Fashion and sustainability happily meet in the Isabella pattern and I am all about it! 


I have become more and more passionate about sewing my own clothes because I love making things that fit perfectly and look great.  This is a sentiment echoed by many that choose to make their own clothing.  I cannot really think of a pattern that I haven’t altered in some way to fit more to my liking.  Alterations are part of the excitement of sewing for me.  Like most people, I am very familiar with sizing and the silhouettes that compliment my body.  I knew that I fell right in between the two sizes for the Isabella. I wanted the fit to be comfortable, but I didn’t want an unflattering amount of positive ease.  For this reason I made the smaller of the two sizes and color blocked in the amount of positive ease that suites me.  The pattern is written for 57” wide fabric, and because of the zero waste nature of the pattern, a similar color block technique will need to be adapted to make up for any differences if any other width of fabric is used. 


In all I had a blast sewing the Isabella dress!  It came together quickly and with little difficulty.  I used a serger and then sewed the color block pieces together, this made all the difference in keeping the many inside seams tidy and nice.  I envision this as a great staple piece that can be layered for the seasons or worn solo during warm weather.  Most of all, I love everything that this pattern encompasses, size inclusivity, sustainability, and being a trendy but staple piece.  I would absolutely recommend this pattern for sewists of all abilities.   

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  • Feb 08, 2022

    Love the dress sooo cute!

    — Shirley Nemanic

  • Feb 08, 2022

    Looks great! Miss seeing you at knitting.

    — Annie LaFarge

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