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Alex's Road Trip Baja Blanket

This is an image of Alex's Baja Blanket draped over a person sitting on a green couch, crocheting.
Instagram: @alexisntinsta 
Pattern: Self-drafted, lap size (approximately 44" x 44")


I'm a blanket person, hot or cold, rain or shine. Given Colorado summers this trait can be a little tricky, but the Baja Blanket Plaid, in it's 100% cotton goodness, is just the match! It's hard to think of warmer weather given our current state. but this material made the exception in my crafting plans.

The project was a breeze and the perfect road trip companion. I sat in the passenger seat pulling thread after thread while taking in the scenery, appreciative of something mindless to keep my hands busy. Later, once I had unraveled 4" on either side, I sat down with a TV show to tie the tassels. To do so I sectioned each color check in half and tied an overhand knot, taking care to scooch it up all the way to the weave. I gave it a light wash and tumble dry, but afterwards found that all the tassels had tangled. This was quickly remedied with a large tooth comb. 

This image is a close up of the tassels on the Baja Blanket

The blanket as a whole didn't take long and is something I'm keeping in my pocket in case of any last minute craft-mergencies. While it could pass as something found at a home goods store, the value and quality of making it yourself can't be beat. Plus, during this time of year, can't we all benefit to sit and unravel some fabric?

This image is a wide shot of Alex's Baja Blanket draped over a person sitting on a green coach

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