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Alex’s Linden Sweatshirt

Women standing in front of a brick wall and glass store front with a neon arrow pointing towards her.  Women is wearing a sweatshirt and jean pants, facing the camera and smiling.

Pattern : Grainline - Linden Sweatshirt
Fabric : Loop Terry Matching Rib - Heather Olive
Size Made : 16
Modifications made : Neckband, underarm, sleeve length

About three years ago I donated my favorite sweatshirt on a whim. Every chilly day since I dream about the comfort and coziness it offered me and hope it’s gone on to live a long, fruitful sweater life. This Linden sweatshirt was my unintentional attempt to fill that hole in my life (and wardrobe). When shopping for materials I was drawn to the color and texture of the Loop Terry Matching Rib material. Little did I know that when I would first try it on I’d exclaim “my sweatshirt!”

Women leaning up against a city building with her right arm and legs crossed at the ankles.  Women is wearing a light olive sweatshirt and blue jeans, facing the camera and smiling.

When I first tried it on I was rocking a flirty off-the-shoulder, low scoop neckline. While cute it wasn’t necessarily my goal. Due to the amount of stretch in the Loop Terry I needed to alter my neckband. Rather than cut it shorter I instead flipped the way I cut the neckband piece, cutting it on the lengthwise grain rather than the prescribed crosswise grain. This significantly minimized the amount of stretch and I was able to ease my neckline in.

Up close photograph of women with glasses on a city sidewalk, looking toward the street laughing.  The women wearing a light colored neutral sweatshirt laughing.

This pattern recommends sizing up if you’re in between bust measurements. I took a peak at the finished measurements and compared them to the finished measurements of my current favorite sweatshirt and decided rather to size down. I’m grateful for that choice as I still needed to take in the underarms due to excess material. Depending on the material you choose to use you’ll have different results than I did and might need to size up. I like a good deal of tummy room but a more fitted bust/underarm and it was super easy to modify by just pinning where I’d like it to fit and serging off the excess.

Women walking along a city sidewalk with a soft grey building with black lights and black metal fence accents.  Women is wearing a light green olive sweatshirt and blue jeans.  Women is looking at the camera smiling.

The big design enhancement I did was the alternating sleeves/collar/waistband! The Loop Terry is so magical in the fact that it’s “wrong” side is just as good as it’s “right” side, and by using the wrong side for this design element it makes this Linden so uniquely me.

Up close image of a light olive sweatshirt to showcase the sleeves and waistband.

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