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Alex Finds Comfort In the Sweet Pea Set

Alex: @alexisntinsta
Pattern: Sweet Pea Sweat Set by Sarah Kirsten

Size Made: "Marigold" top, "Daisy" bottoms

Materials used: Stripey Jersey - Honey, Tencel Lyocell / Organic Cotton Stretch Jersey - Coffee, 2" elastic, 3/4" elastic


I’ve spent so many shifts walking past the Sweet Pea Sweat Set pattern wondering “What does this look like? What would it look like on me?”. I exclusively live in cozy clothes so this seemed like such a natural fit for me to  satisfy mu curiosity AND get a sweet sweatsuit. Also, who doesn’t love a colorblock?

This pattern was a breeze to work through. I’ve done plenty of sewing with jerseys (as you can see in previous blog posts) so I was very confident going into this project. The Stripey Jersey washed into a dream and the Tencel Lyocell/Organic Cotton jersey is straight up smoother than butter. I did all of the seams using a zig zag stitch on my sewing machine and then finished the edges with a serger. The instruction manual is very comprehensive in the order of stitching and serging which gives you a professionally finished product. 

The only thing that took a little getting used to was tracing the pattern. We’re all so accustomed to typical sizing systems and tracing something like an XXL or a 16, but Sarah Kirsten opts for a much cuter floral arrangement. I ended up making a Marigold top (43” bust) and Daisy bottoms (53” hip) and couldn’t be happier with the finished fit.

There’s no doubt I’ll be wearing the top out and about, at least every laundry day. As for the bottoms, they’re going to be well loved in the comfort of my home. I plan on remaking the top in about every jersey in every weight until I have a comprehensive collection for every occasion. 


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