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Aleks' Lichen Duster by Sew Liberated

Women wearing a Lichen Duster in green and light blue.  It is blowing in the breeze, women is looking down grabbing the collar.  Women is in front of a city restaurant.

Pattern:  Lichen Duster by Sew Liberated
Materials:  River Tencel/Viscose in Moss and Mist
Size Made: size 6
Modifications: I added Mist as an accent color

Homage to the Duster

“The original dusters were full-length, light-colored canvas or linen coats worn by horsemen to protect their clothing from trail dust. These dusters were typically slit up the back to hip level for ease of wear on horseback.” (Wikipedia)

Women wearing A Lichen Duster in moss and mist colorways.  The women is spinning around in a circle to show the two different colors

My love of the duster harkens back to 1968, when my family went to the drive-in to see “Once Upon a Time in the West” and “Nevada Smith”. Much of my movie watching experience that night was done through my mom’s fingers as she said, “Don’t watch that… or Close your eyes…” ‘Cheyenne’, played by Jason Robards, and his gang of desperados wore dusters as their insignia. For some reason, at ten-years old, “Once Upon a Time in the West”, a classic spaghetti western directed by Sergio Leone, made a huge impression on me.

Women wearing a moss and mist lichen duster standing on a city sidewalk facing the camera smiling.

Fast forward to the 1980s, after watching “The Man from Snowy River”, I purchased an olive colored Drover, the Australian version of the American Duster. I lived in Oregon at the time and wore it everywhere, walking in the rain.

Women wearing a moss and mist lichen duster in front of a restaurant in the city.  Women's head is tilted back laughing.

When I opened the box of Lichen Duster patterns by Sew Liberated, I knew I had to make one for myself! I chose the soft, flowing River Tencel/Viscose for the fabric to match the flowing lines of the Lichen pattern. I selected Moss, a softer, more subtle version of the deep olive of my Drover, as the main fabric color. I added Mist as an accent color, to bring the fluidity of water into the design. The combination of the Lichen pattern with this soft, fluid fabric is such a contrast to the rather stiff, oiled canvas of the Drover. I just adore how it turned out!

Up close detail photograph of lichen duster to showcase the two colors of the make in moss and mist.

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